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Current PRRAC Projects - Education

September/October 2007

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  • National Coalition on School Diversity: Reaffirming the Role of School Integration in K-12 Education Policy See more. [12646]

  • Educational Equity [13043] See full text.

  • The Future of School Desegregation Law: The Louisville and Seattle Cases (2007) [10208] See full text.

  • Voluntary School Integration in Hartford, Connecticut See more. [10209]

  • Civil Rights History [9107] See full text.

  • Organizing in Support of Racially and Economically Integrated Education [9108] See full text.

  • Fragmented: Improving Education for Mobile Students [9109] See full text.

  • CDC Reviews of the Impacts of Education Policy on Health [15176] See full text.

  • Housing/Education Link [15185] See full text.

  • School Diversity [15151] See full text.

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