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Articles - Education

October-December 2016

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  • "Agents of Progress: Schools and Child Traumatic Stress," by Mary Kelly Persyn [15172] See full text.

July-September 2016

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  • "Double Disadvantage: Rising Income Segregation in Children’s Neighborhoods and Schools," by Ann Owens [15164] See full text.

  • "Regional School Desegregation and the School-Housing Relationship," by Genevieve Siegel-Hawley [15166] See full text.

November/December 2015

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  • "City Garden Montessori School in St. Louis: A Story of Education Reform, Gentrification and Housing Advocacy," by Christie Huck [15067] See full text.

  • "Despite the Best Intentions: Making School Integration Work in Integrated Schools," by John B. Diamond & Amanda E. Lewis [15061] See full text.

  • "Inviting NYC Students onto the Scene of School Integration," by Sarah Camiscoli [15062] See full text.

  • "Neighborhood Schools – an Etymology," by Michael Hilton [15068] See full text.

  • "New York City’s School Diversity Accountability Act," by Michael Hilton [15063] See full text.

  • "Next Generation Schools," by Bill Ferguson & Sarah McLean [15064] See full text.

  • "Next Generation Schools," by Michael Hilton [15065] See full text.

July/August 2015

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  • "Learning from Inter-district School Integration Programs," by Kara S. Finnigan & Jennifer Jellison Holme [15076] See full text.

May/June 2015

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  • "Diversity in Preschool Classrooms: The Link Between Diversity and Quality," by Jeanne L. Reid, Sharon L. Kagan, Michael Hilton & Halley Potter [15057] See full text.

March/April 2015

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  • "Advancing School Integration: The National Coalition on School Diversity" [15055] See full text.

November/December 2014

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  • "A Smarter Charter," by Richard D. Kahlenberg & Halley Potter [15049] See full text.

September/October 2014

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  • "Same School, Same Opportunities? Addressing Within-school Segregation," by Halley Potter [15041] See full text.

July/August 2014

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  • "A Title VI Diversity Assessment at the Department of Education?," by Philip Tegeler [14957] See full text.

May/June 2014

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November/December 2013

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  • "Education and The Caged Bird: Black Girls, School Pushout and the Juvenile Court School," by Monique Morris [14513] See full text.

September/October 2013

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  • "White Flight Goes to College," by Jeff Stohl & Anthony P. Carnevale [14501] See full text.

July/August 2013

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  • "Place Matters Even More than We Thought: New Insights on the Persistence of Racial Inequality," by Margery Austin Turner [14145] See full text.

May/June 2013

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  • "Education as a Civic Right: Using Schools to Challenge the Civic Empowerment Gap," by Meira Levinson [14137] See full text.

  • "Mindfulness as Method: Teaching for Connection in a Dehumanizing Context," by Leigh Patel, Katharine Atkins-Pattenson, Daniel Healy, Jessica Haralson, Luis Omar Rosario & Jianan Shi [14139] See full text.

  • "Race, Anyone? High School Students Can Show the Way," by Lawrence Blum [14138] See full text.

  • "School Integration Requires Cooperation: Some Lessons from New York City," by Khin Mai Aung & David Tipson [14141] See full text.

March/April 2013

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  • "Community-Based Accountability: Best Practices for School Officials," by Jason Langberg, Taiyyaba Qureshi & Eldrin Deas [13908] See full text.

September/October 2012

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  • "What Are We Holding Our Public Schools Accountable For? The Gap Between What is Measured and What is Needed to Prepare Children for an Increasingly Diverse Society," by Amy Stuart Wells [13888] See full text.

September/October 2010

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  • "Separate Does Not Equal Equal : Mexican Americans Before Brown v. Board," by Philippa Strum [13045] See full text.

July/August 2010

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  • "“America Healing”:  W.K. Kellogg Foundation Announces $75 Million Effort" [12379] See full text.

January/February 2010

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  • "Reaffirming the Role of School Integration in K-12 Education Policy" (1/1/2010) [12362] See full text.

  • "Universal Access to Quality Education: Research and Recommendations for the Elimination of Curricular Stratification," by Carol Corbett Burris, Kevin Welner & Jennifer Weiser Bezoza (1/1/2010) [12363] See full text.

July/August 2009

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  • "Building One America: a National Summit on Regional Opportunity" [11767] See full text.

May/June 2009

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  • "The Technology of Mobilization: Computer Mediated Communication and Youth Organizing in the Bronx," by John M. Beam [11755] See full text.

November/December 2008

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  • "American Indian Boarding Schools" [11355] See full text.

  • "Native Americans and Juvenile Justice: A Hidden Tragedy," by Terry L. Cross [11356] See full text.

September/October 2008

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  • "Who Will Live Near Whom?," by Camille Zubrinsky Charles [11272] See full text.

March/April 2008

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  • "A More Than Modest Proposal," by Wendy Puriefoy [11254] See full text.

  • "An Excellent Idea," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [11255] See full text.

  • "An Important Step," by William L. Taylor [11253] See full text.

  • "Human Rights and the Demolition of Public Housing in New Orleans" [11258] See full text.

  • "It Might Actually Work," by Pedro Noguera [11251] See full text.

  • "PRRAC Researcher Report: Keeping Active, Keeping Safe: A Look at Participation in Structured Activities Among Working-Class and Middle-Class Families," by Pamela R. Bennett, Amy Lutz & Lakshmi Jayaram [11259] See full text.

  • "Report from Geneva: U.N. Committee Reviews U.S. Record on Race," by Philip Tegeler [11257] See full text.

  • "Rewarding Students by Nudging Adults," by Jenice L. View [11256] See full text.

  • "Some Possible Changes, Critics and Cautions," by john powell [11252] See full text.

January/February 2008

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  • "How Colleges and Universities Can Promote K-12 Diversity: A Modest Proposal" [11245] See full text.

  • "When the Feds Won't Act: School Desegregation, State Courts, and Minnesota's The Choice is Yours Program," by Myron Orfield & Baris Gumus-Dawes [11246] See full text.

September/October 2007

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  • "The Social Science Evidence on the Effects of Diversity in K-12 Schools," by Roslyn Arlin Mickelson [10652] See full text.

July/August 2007

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  • "The Seattle/Louisville Decision and the Future of Race-Conscious Programs," by Philip Tegeler [10539] See full text.

March/April 2007

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January/February 2007

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November/December 2006

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  • "Why Structural Racism? Why a Structural Racism Caucus?," by Anne C. Kubisch [10187] See full text.

September/October 2006

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  • "Girls in the 'Hood: Evidence on the Impact of Safety," by Susan J. Popkin, Tama Leventhal & Gretchen Weismann [10186] See full text.

  • "Katrina Books" [10202] See full text.

May/June 2006

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July/August 2005

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  • "Ending the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track - Lawyers and Organizers Partnering for Change" [9517] See full text.

  • "Re-Directing the School to Prison Pipeline," by Daniel J. Losen [9515] See full text.

  • "The Cradle to Prison Pipeline℠ Crisis," by Morna Murray [9518] See full text.

  • "The O'Conner Project: Intervening Early to Eliminate the Need for Racial Preferences in Higher Education," by Lisbeth B. Schorr [9514] See full text.

September/October 2004

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May/June 2004

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January/February 2004

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  • "A Selection of Brown vs. Board of Education Anniversary Events" [8605] See full text.

  • "Why Is School Reform So Hard?," by Linda Christensen & Stan Karp [8606] See full text.

November/December 2003

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  • "Private Funds in Public Education: An Initial Survey," by Laryssa Mykyta, Stephanie Levin, Deborah Zubow & Robert Brand [8346] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty, & Special Education: Apprenticeships for Prison Work," by Rosa Smith [8343] See full text.

July/August 2003

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  • "Have Minority Students Had a Fair Share of Quality Teachers? Results from a National Longitudinal Study (1987-88 to 1999-2000)," by Jianping Shen [8337] See full text.

May/June 2003

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  • "Race, Poverty, and Virtual Learning," by Sharon Johnston & Michelle Kinley [7814] See full text.

March/April 2003

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  • "The Ethno/Racial Context of Poverty in Rural and Small Town America," by Calvin L. Beale [7806] See full text.

January/February 2003

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  • "Race, Poverty and the Digital Divide," by Brian Komar [7804] See full text.

September/October 2002

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  • "Race, Poverty and Community Schools," by Ira Harkavy & Martin J. Blank [7798] See full text.

May/June 2002

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  • "High Classroom Turnover: How Children Get Left Behind," by Chester Hartman & Alison Leff [7789] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty, and Residential Schools," by Heidi Goldsmith [7791] See full text.

November/December 2001

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  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by Theodore M. Shaw [7778] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by Makani Themba [7779] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by john a. powell [7780] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by S. M. Miller [7781] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration," by Thomas J. Henderson [7782] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Reply to the Responses," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [7783] See full text.

September/October 2001

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  • "Response," by Gary Orfield [7761] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration," by Richard D. Kahlenberg (September/October 2001) Socioeconomic School Integration article. [628] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [7760] See full text.

  • "Making the Grade: Exposing Structural Racism in Our Schools," by Tammy Johnson & Terry Keleher [7763] See full text.

July/August 2001

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  • "Creating Accountability in the Education Standards Movement," by DC VOICE (July/August 2001) is about accountability in the education movement. [180] See full text.

March/April 2001

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January/February 2001

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November/December 2000

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September/October 2000

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  • "Board Member Report," by John Charles Boger [1800] See full text.

  • "Graduation and Promotion Testing: Potential Benefits and Risks for Minority Students, English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities," by Jay P. Heubert [1795] See full text.

  • "If You Think the MCAS History Test is Relevant, Try This Exam," by Derrick Z. Jackson [1803] See full text.

July/August 2000

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  • "The National Women's Law Center," by Nancy Duff Campbell [1798] See full text.

May/June 2000

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  • "High Student Mobility/Classroom Turnover: How to Address It? How to Reduce It?" [1810] See full text.

January/February 2000

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  • "Education and Incentives to Actualize Integration," by Don DeMarco [1820] See full text.

November/December 1999

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  • "An Integration Scenario OR Ending the Illusion," by Herbert J. Gans [1830] See full text.

  • "Viable Integration Must Reject the Ideology of "Assimilationism"," by John O. Calmore [1832] See full text.

May/June 1999

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November/December 1998

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  • "Title I - A Way to Go in Education Vulnerable Children," by Dianne Piché [1886] See full text.

September/October 1998

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  • "Bebe Moore Campbell on Bilingual Ed," by Bebe Moore Campbell [1874] See full text.

  • "Over-Representation of Black Students in Special Education: Problem or Symptom?," by Alan Gartner & Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky [1873] See full text.

September/October 1997

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  • "Standards or Standardization?," by William Ayers [3395] See full text.

  • "Without Good Assessment Standards Will Fail," by Monty Neill [3397] See full text.

July/August 1996

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  • "Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students, In The Short Term? In the Long Term?," by Elaine Gantz Berman [8207] See full text.

  • "Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students, In The Short Term? In the Long Term?," by Phyllis Hart & Joyce Germaine Watts [8208] See full text.

  • "Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students, In The Short Term? In the Long Term?," by Lyman Ho [8209] See full text.

  • "Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students, In The Short Term? In the Long Term?," by Kati Haycock [8210] See full text.

  • "Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students, In The Short Term? In the Long Term?" [3801] See full text.

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