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PRRAC Resources Library - Community Organizing

March/April 2015

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  • Political Power: The Community Organizing Tradition of Saul Alinsky, eds. Aaron Schutz & Mike Miller, will be out April 2015 from Vanderbilt Univ. Press. Among the contributors: Ernesto Cortes, Jr., Heather Booth, Wade Rathke, Richard Rothstein, Nicholas von Hoffman [14830]

November/December 2013

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  • "Parent Engagement that Builds Leadership and Power" is an Oct., 2013 Brief from Community Organizing & Family Issues. Available (likely free) from COFI, 1436 W. Randolph, 4th flr., Chicago, IL 60607, [14349]

  • "We're Turning 40!" is the impact report of the last four decades of work by The Midwest Academy. Contact [14375]

July/August 2013

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July/August 2012

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  • Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times, by Amy Sonnie & James Tracy (201 pp., 2012[?], $16.95), has been published by Melville House in Brooklyn. [13488]

May/June 2012

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  • Community and Anti-Racism Organizing: The organization Resist supplies relatively small grants, all over the country, for social, economic, racial and environmental justice. Their Jan./Feb. 2012 Newsletter lists recent grants, nearly three dozen of which are listed under the category "Community and Anti-Racism Organizing." Contact them at 259 Elm St., #201, Somerville, MA 02144, 617/623-5110,, [13424]

March/April 2012

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  • A Community Organizing Course taught by Hunter Gray (former name: John R. Salter, Jr.), a Native American, is available from him, 2000 Sandy Ln., Pocatello, ID 83204, [13371]

  • A Match on Dry Grass: Community Organizing as a Catalyst for School Reform, by Mark R. Warren & Karen L. Mapp and the Community Organizing and School Reform Project (328 pp., 2011, $99), has been published by Oxford Univ. Press. [13391]

  • The International School for Bottom-Up Organizing can be reached c/o B. Belcore, 5357 N. Winchester Ave., #1, Chicago, IL 60640, [13384]

January/February 2012

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  • Parent Power: Education Organizing in New York City, 1995-2010, a 35-min. film by Norm Fruchter, is available (no price given) from The Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown Univ., Box 1985, Providence, RI 02912, 401/863-7990, [13222]

May/June 2011

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  • Contesting Community: The Limits and Potential of Local Organizing, by James DeFilippis, Robert Fisher & Eric Shragge (224 pp., 2011?, $25.95), has been published by Rutgers Univ. Press, 800/848-6224, [12698]

March/April 2011

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  • Resources for Evaluating Community Organizing, an Alliance for Justice website launched in 2009, has recently been updated. Inf. from [12561]

September/October 2010

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  • "Shining the Light: A Practical Guide to Co-Creating Health Communities" (34 pp., May 2010) is available (possibly free) from the Kirwan Institute (headed by PRRAC Bd. member john powell), 433 Mendenhall Laboratory, Ohio State Univ., 125 So. Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210, [12141]

July/August 2010

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  • "Creating Spaces for Change: Working Toward a 'Story of Now' in Civic Engagement," a 2010 report from the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is available (possibly free) from Matt Leighninger at the Consortium, 131 Cherokee Ave., Hamilton, ON L8P 4P2 Canada, 905/972-0550, [12042]

May/June 2010

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  • National People's Action is the new name of the National Training and Information Center, reflecting more accurately who they are/what they do. Still at 810 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60642, 312/243-3035. New ED is George Goehl,, [11929]

March/April 2010

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  • The People Shall Rule: ACORN, Community Organizing, and the Struggle for Economic Justice, ed. Robert Fisher (300 pp., 2009, $69.95), has been published by Vanderbilt Press, 800/627-7377. Among the authors of the 12 chapters: Peter Dreier, Wade Rathke,(PRRAC Soc. Sci. Adv. member) Gregory Squires, John Atlas, Norm Fruchter, Gary Delgado. [11843]

September/October 2009

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  • A Community Organizer's Tale: People and Power in San Francisco, by Mike Miller (288 pp.), has just been published by Heyday Books (PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709, 510/549-3364). A long-time community organizer in the Bay Area and elsewhere, and head of the Organizing Training Ctr., Mike has written a history of San Frnacisco's Mission Coalition Org. [11581]

  • Citizen WealthL Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families, by Wade Rathke (216 pp., July 2009, $24.95), has been published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 800/929-2929, [11625]

July/August 2009

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  • Organizers for America is a website where organizing groups, unions, social justice organizations and allies can list organizing and related jobs; and organizers can look for jobs and post their resumes -- all for free. [11493]

September/October 2008

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  • "A National Action Agenda: Policy Recommendations to Empower South Asian Communities in the United States (2008)" (55 pp., 2008[?] is available from the Natl. Coal. of South Asian Organizations, 6930 Carroll Ave., #506, Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301/270-1855,, [11056]

  • "Organized Communities, Stronger Schools, A Preview of Research Findings," by Kavitha Mediratta, Seema Ramesh Shah & Sara McAlister, a 2008 Annenberg Institute for School Reform report, is available at [11126]

  • Popular Education Workshops on the Current Financial Crisis -- ideal for community organizations, unions and others, are being organized by Labor Notes. Contact Mark Brenner, 718/284-4144, [11079]

July/August 2008

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  • Ark Magazine is the (quarterly?) publication of the National Organizers Alliance (whose Gathering 6 was held June 29-July 2 at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, MD). Contact them at 2307 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SE, Wash., DC 20020, 202/543-6603,, [11004]

May/June 2008

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  • "Organized Communities, Stronger Schools: A Preview of Research Findings," by Kavitha Mediratta, Seema Ramesh Shah, Sara McAlister, Norm Fruchter, Christina Mokhtar & Dana Lockwood (31 pp., March 2008), is available from the Annenberg Inst. for School Reform at Brown Univ., [10848]

January/February 2008

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  • Education Organizing is a quarterly newsletter published by the Center for Community Change. May be free. Contact the Center, 1536 U St. NW, Wash., DC 20009, 202/339-9300, [10742]

July/August 2007

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  • "Bringing a Human Rights Vision to Public Schools: A Training Manual for Organizers" (May 2007) is available from the Natl. Econ. & Social Rights Initiative, 212/253-1785, [10364]

  • Grassroots Organizing Essentials is a one-evening (July 23, 2007) class at SALSA, the DC-based Inst. for Policy Studies' Social Action & Leadership School for Activists. A related one-evening (July 17) class is "Grassroots Advocacy." Inf. from SALSA, 202/234-9382, x229 [10405]

  • We Make Change: Community Organizers Talk About What They Do -- and Why6, by Kristin Layng Szakos & Joe Szakos (263 pp., 2007, $27.95), has been published by Vanderbilt Univ. Press, 615/343-2446, www, [10362]

March/April 2007

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  • "The Monetary Impact of ACORN Campaigns: A Ten-Year Retrospective, 1995-2004," by Lisa Ranghelli (21 pp., Nov. 2006), is available (possibly free) from ACORN, 2-4 Nevins St., Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718/246-7900, x201, [10216]

November/December 2006

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  • "Organizing Communities, Saving Lives" is ACORN's 2005 Annual Report. For copies of the 46-page document, phone 202/547-2500. [10036]

September/October 2006

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May/June 2005

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  • "Class Matters: Cross-Class Alliance Buildling for Middle-Class Activists" (177 pp., 2005), is available ($18.95) from New Society Publishers, [9352]

  • "Class Matters: Cross-Class Alliance Building for Middle-Class Activists," by Betsy Leondar-Wright (177 pp., 2005, $18.95), has been published by New Society Publishers, [9359]

March/April 2005

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  • The Work Site is a new free website that allows users to download and adapt tools for effective grassroots communication & organizing, including training materials, examples of best practices, etc. -- plus opinion research and the opportunity to share ideas and seek advice on a wide variety of organizing and campaign work, [9277]

January/February 2005

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  • "The State of the World's Children" UNICEF's 164-page, Dec. 2004 report -- documenting that more than one billion children -- more than half the children in the world --suffer extreme deprivation because of war, HIV/AIDS or poverty, is available at [9207]

November/December 2004

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  • "Protecting Low-Income Communities From the New 'Urban Renewal': Antidisplacement Advocacy & Relocation Rights Enforcement," by S. Lynn Martinez is a 23-page article in the Sept./Oct. 2003 issue of Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law & Policy. Available from the Sargent Shriver Natl. Ctr. on Poverty Law, 50 E. Washington St., #500, Chicago, IL 60602, 312/263-3830,,

September/October 2004

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July/August 2004

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  • Housing Organizing is a Ctr. for Community Change newsletter. Issue #2 (Spring 2004) has articles on Inclusionary Zoning and Community Organizing, campaigns in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego & Mass., etc. Contact the Ctr. at 1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20007, 202/342-0567,, [8878]

March/April 2004

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  • Dynamics of Organizing: Building Power by Developing the Human Spirit, by Shel Trapp (144 pp., 2004) is available through Tracy Van Slyke, 773/772-0100, x243, [8406]

January/February 2004

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  • "Good for the Soul, Good for the Whole: Faith-based community organizing & the renewal of congregations" [8236]

  • "Renewing Congregations: The contribution of faith-based community organizing" [8237]

November/December 2003

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  • AAPI Nexus: Asian American & Pacific Islander Policy, Practice & Community is a new (2003) natl. journal from the UCLA Asian American Studies Ctr. (headed by PRRAC Bd. member Don Nakanishi). The initial issue examines community development by policy advocates & applied social scientists from across the nation. Subs. to the semi-annual are $25/indiv., $55/inst. Complimentary copy of 1st issue is $4. The Ctr. is at 3230 Campbell Hall, Box 951546, LA, CA 90095-1546, [8113]

  • Solidarity Now! Building Strong Community Activists Relations is a Dec. 6, 2003 class at the Social Action & Leadership School for Activists of the Inst. for Policy Studies. Inf. (and listing of the late fall courses) from SALSA/IPS, 733 15th St. NW, #1020, Wash., DC 20005, 202/234-9382, x229, [8165]

September/October 2003

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  • "Communities Sustain Public Health Improvements Through Organized Partnership Structures" is a 10-page, April 2003 pamphlet, available (likely free) from The Kellogg Fdn., One Michigan Ave. E., Battle Creek, MI 49017-4058, 269/968-1611, [7953]

  • "The Role of Community-Based Participatory Research: Creating Partnerships, Improving Health" is a 2003 brochure from the US Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. Available (free) from or [7976]

July/August 2003

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  • "Community Unions in Baltimore & Long Island" (336 pp., Feb. 2003) is a PhD dissertation (MIT Dept. of Political Science) by long-time Boston community organizer Janice Fine. Contact her at 30 Germania St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, 617/451-0500, [7853]

  • "Overcoming Obstacles to School Reform: A Report on the 2002 Organizing for Educational Excellence Inst.," by Gene Corbin (13 pp., n.d. [2003]), is available (no price listed) from the Temple Univ. Ctr. for Public Policy, Gladfelter Hall, 10th flr., 115 W. Berks St., Phila., PA 19122, 215/204-2350, [7922]

May/June 2003

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  • Social Policy is a quarterly magazine, now under the editorship of Mike Miller of Organize Training Ctr. in SF. In its new incarnation, community organizing is the central focus. $45/yr. from PO Box 1297, Pacifica, CA 94044, [7703]

  • Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing & Advocacy, by Rinku Sen & MS Foundation for Women (2003), has been published by Chardon Press - A Jossey-Bass Imprint; $25. 800/956-7739, [7662]

January/February 2003

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  • "Community Organizing: A Populist Base for Social Equity and Smart Growth" is the initial issue of Livable Communities @ Work, published by the Funders' Network for Smart Growth & Livable Communities. Likely free from the Collins Ctr., for Public Policy, 150 SE 2nd Ave., #709, Miami, FL 33131, 305/377-4484; dowloadable at [7316]

  • "Connecting L.A.'s Community Organizations & Labor: Towards a Social Justice Landscape" is available (possibly free) form the UCLA Community Scholars Program. [7363]

November/December 2002

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  • African Americans, Labor & Society: Organizing for a New Agenda, ed. Patrick L. Mason (2002?), is available ($29.95) from Wayne St. Univ. Press, [7286]

September/October 2002

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  • "From Schoolhouse to Statehouse: Community Organizing for Public School Reform" (33 pp., March 2002) is available (no price given) from the Natl. Ctr. for Schools & Communities, Fordham Univ., 33 W. 60 St., 8th flr., NYC, NY 10023, 212/636-6699. [6986]

  • Voices from the Field II: Reflections on Comprehensive Community Change, by Anne Kubisch, Patricia Auspos, Prudence Brown, Robert J. Chaskin, Karen Fulbright-Anderson & Robert Hamilton (125 pp., 2002), is available (no price given) from The Aspen Inst., PO Box 222, 109 Houghton Lab Ln., Queenstown, MD 21658, 410/820-5338, [6970]

July/August 2002

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  • "A Case Study: Community Organizing for School Improvement in the South Bronx," by Eric Zachary & shola olatoye (17 pp., March 2001) is available (no price listed) from the NYU Inst. for Educ. & Social Policy, 726 Broadway, 5th flr., NYC, NY 10003, 212/998-5880. [6757]

  • Advocacy, Activism and the Internet: Community Organization and Social Policy, eds. Steven Hick & John G. McNutt (2002, Foreword by Noam Chomsky), has been published by Lyceum Books. 18 chs., including "Organizing Women of Color Online," by Irene-Quiero-Tajalli & Craig Campbell. Inf. from [6776]

  • Brown, Not White: School Integration & the Chicano Movement in Houston, by Guadalupe San Miguel, Jr. (296 pp., 2001), is available ($39.95) from Texas A&M Univ. Press, 800/826-8911. [6798]

  • "Mapping the Field of Organizing for School Improvement: A report on education organizing in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Mississippi Delta, NYC, Philadelphia, SF, & Wash., DC" (73 pp. + Apps, Aug. 2001) is available (no price listed) from the NYU Inst. for Educ. & Social Policy, 726 Broadway, #506A, NYC, NY 10003, 212/998-5880, [6837]

  • "Our Role in the Process: A Grassroots Guide to Building Community-Based Employment Transportation," by Melanie Bush & Carolyn Jeskey (49 pp., Feb. 2002), is available, in draft form, from Rich Stolz, Ctr. for Comm. Change, 1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20007, 202/342-0567. [6842]

  • "Solutions for America: What's Already Out There -- A sourcebook of ideas from successful community programs" (95 pp. 2002), highlighting 19 community initiatives, is available (possibly free) from the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, 5 Boar's Head Ln., #100, Charlottesville, VA 22903, 434/971-2073, [6834]

  • The Global Activist's Manual intro. by anti-sweatshop author Naomi Klein), is available ($15.95 + s/h) from United for a Fair Economy, 617/423-2148, x10; [6780]

  • "What Makes Community Organizing Succeed? Comparing Church - and Neighborhood-Based Organizations" a Jan./Feb. 2002 3-pager, is available (possibly free) from the Aspen Inst. Nonprofit Sector Research Fund, One Dupont Circ. NW, #700, Wash.,DC 20036, 202/736-5800, [6746]

May/June 2002

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  • "Helping Every Student Succeed: Schools & Communities Working Together" (42 pp., 2002) is available (no price listed) from Study Circles Resource Ctr., PO Box 203, Pomfret, CT 06258, 860/928-2616, [5580]

  • National Directory of Community-Based Movements A project to create such a directory is being undertaken by Doug Morrow, 6469 Ral Mar, Rockford, IL 61109, 661/724-1161. Contact him for more inf., [5577]

  • Youth Website: A new online website focuses on effectively involving youth in organizations & communities: [5562]

March/April 2002

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  • Building Community Capacity, by Robert J. Chaskin, Prudence Brown, Sudhir Venkatesh & Avis Vidal (268 pp., 2001), has been published by Aldine de Gruyter, 914/747-0110; $25.95. [4769]

  • Organizing to Win is a new (2001?) book, drawing on experience of National People's Action and the Natl. Training & Inf. Ctr. Inf./ordering from NTIC, 312/243-3035 [4750]

  • "Partnerships: Family-School-Community" is a (2001?) National Education Assn. manual. Inf. from [4776]

January/February 2002

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  • "Community Action Agencies & Faith-Based Organizations: A Legacy of Productive Partnerships" (50 pp., 2001) is available (no price listed) from the Natl. Assn. of Comm. Action Agencies, 1100 17th St. NW, #500, Wash., DC 20036, 202/265-7546,, [3930]

  • Community Organizing & Family Issues has a brochure describing the organization's work & programs. Contact them at 954 W. Washington Blvd., 4th flr., Box 42, Chicago, IL 60607, 312/226-5141, [4230]

  • "Faith -Based Community Organizing in Action: 5 Stories of Comm. Change [DART in Fla.; Louisiana Interfaith Together; ISAIAH in Minn.; Project SAC-So. Calif. Af.-Am. Church-Based Org. Proj.; Valley Interfaith in TX]" (26 pp., Oct. 2001) available (free) from Interfaith Funders, 366 N. Broadway, #410, Jericho, NY 11753, 516/364-8922, [3935]

  • "Faith-Based Community Organizing: The State of the Field," by Mark R. Warren & Robert Wood (61 pp. + Apps./Tables), is available (possibly free) from Interfaith Funders, 366 N. Broadway, #410, Jericho, NY 11753, 516/364-8922, [3936]

  • Standing Our Ground: A Stronger Voice, A Better Boston: Urban Renewal & Community Control of Development in Boston, 1948-74 is a 24-min. slide show on video. $30 indivs., $40 insts. from, 310/392-2076. [4220]

November/December 2001

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  • Asian Americans: The Movement & the Moment, eds. Steve Louie & Glenn K. Omatsu (350 pp., 2001), documents the rich, little-known history of Asian American activism during the years 1965-2001. $20 from the UCLA Asian Amer. Studies Ctr. (headed by PRRAC Board member Don Nakanishi), 3230 Campbell Hall, Box 951546, LA, CA 90095-1546, 310/825-2974, [2394]

  • Voices Joined: A Popular Education Guide for Emerging Leaders (2001?) is available ($28.50) from ALLY, 1216 E. McMillan Ave., #202, Cinn., OH 45206, 513/221-2822, [2324]

September/October 2001

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  • "Now Hear This: The Nine Laws of Successful Advocacy" a 2001 report from Fenton Communications, available in PDF form on their website. Further info. from Fenton, 1320 18th St. NW, Wash., DC, 20036, 202/822-5200, [592]

July/August 2001

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  • "Louder Than Words: Lawyers, Communities & the Struggle for Justice," by Penda D. Hair (March, 2001) is a 166-page report to the Rockefeller Fdn., available (possibly free) from the Fdn., 420 Fifth Ave., NYC, NY 10018-2702, 212/869-8500. Case studies include the TX 10% plan (college diversity); garment worker advocacy in LA; the Miss. redistricting campaign; bus service organizing in LA; a labor dispute at a K-Mart in Greensboro. [88]

  • “Grassroots Organizing Essentials” is a July 10 class, taught by Larry Bohlen of Friends of the Earth, at the Inst. for Policy Studies’ Social Action & Leadership School for Activists (SALSA). Inf. and their Summer 2001 catalogue from 202/234-9382, x229, [87]

May/June 2001

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  • Building Community Capacity, by Robert J. Chaskin, Prudence Brown, Sudhir Venkatesh & Avis Vidal (2001) (280 pp.) has been published by Aldine de Gruyter, 914/747-0110; $30.95. [222]

  • "Common Problems, Uncommon Resources: Exploring the Social & Econ. Challenges of Community-Based Research" (2000) the report of the 2000 Community Research Network Conf., is available ($11.50) by emailing [211]

  • The Community Organizing Toolbox has been produced by the Neighborhood Funders Group. An Exec. Summary may be available free; the full toolbox is $20 from NFG, One Dupont Circle, #700, Wash., DC 20036, 202/833-4690. [212]

January/February 2001

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  • "Building Power, Supporting Change? Foundation Support of Community Organizing in NYC" (September 2000) (31 pp.) is available ($10) from the Natl. Ctr. for Schools & Comms., Fordham Univ., 33 W. 60 St., NYC, NY 10023, 212/636-6558, [246]

November/December 2000

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  • "Welfare Reform — Four Years Later," by Douglas J. Besharov & Peter Germanis is an 18-page article from the Summer 2000 issue of The Public Interest. We’ll send a copy with a SASE. [341]

September/October 2000

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  • "A Welfare Testing Protocol" to help organizers working on welfare issues identify & document race & gender discrimination & mistreatment in welfare programs, developed by the Applied Research Project’s Grass Roots Initiative Policy Program, is available (possibly free) from GRIPP, 145 W. Campbell Ave., Roanoke, VA 24011, 540/857-3088, [792]

  • The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky & His Legacy a 56-minute documentary narrated by Alec Baldwin, is available (free to social change orgs.) from the Chicago Video Proj., 800 W. Huron St., #3South, Chicago, IL 60622. [795]

May/June 2000

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  • "The Phoenix Fund Clearinghouse Listing" (3rd. ed., Jan. 2000) has 350+ entries covering 8 types of worker organizing projects, labor-community collaborations & resource groups. Available (possibly free) from The New World Fdn., 666 West End Ave., NYC, NY 10025, 212/497-3446. [932]

March/April 2000

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  • Bus Riders Union is a new 80-min. film by Haskell Wexler, documenting the transportation organizing work of the Labor/Comm. Strategy Ctr. Inf. from them at 3780 Wilshire Blvd., #1200, LA, CA 90010, 213/387-2800. [1435]

January/February 2000

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  • Making Policy, Making Change: How Communities Are Taking Law into Their Own Hands, by Makani Themba (177 pp., 1999) is available ($28) from Chardon Press, 3781 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611, 510/596-8160, Included are case studies of Baltimore's Citywide Liquor Coal. for Better Laws & Regs., Oakland's Kids First! Coal., the Louisiana Coal. for Tax Justice, The Comm. Coal. for Substance Abuse & Treatment Prog. (S. Central L.A.), and Living Wage Campaigns in Boston, Santa Clara County, Balt. and St. Paul. [1114]

  • Accessing Health Coverage for Low-Income Families: Some Medicaid Organizing Strategies is the theme of the Oct. 1999 issue of Organizing, available (possibly free) from the Ctr. for Comm. Change, 1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20007, 202/342-0567; it’s also online at [1072]

  • NACAA Network is the monthly publication of the Natl. Assn. of Comm. Action Agencies. $50/yr. from NACAA, 1100 17th St. NW, #500, Wash., DC 20036, 202/265-7546. [1115]

November/December 1999

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  • Community-Based Research an effort is under way to develop and promulgate a set of protocols governing community-based research so that communities receive maximum benefit from such work. The Loka Inst., PRRAC and other groups/individuals are involved, and a meeting is planned for January, 2000 in Washington. For more information, or if you think you might want to attend, contact Douglas Taylor at the Loka Inst., PO Box 355, Amherst, MA 01004, 413/559-5860, [1529]

September/October 1999

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  • Roots of Justice: Stories of Organizing in Communities of Color, by Larry Salomon (1998) is available ($15) from Chardon Press, 888/458-8588. [1604]

July/August 1999

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  • "Medicaid: Some Organizing Strategies" (1999) is a 3-page report, available (likely free) from the Ctr. for Comm. Change, 1000 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20007, 202/342-0519. [1310]

  • Rethinking the Drug War is a free summer video and speaker series, sponsored by the Inst. for Policy Studies. Call 202/234-9382, x220 for inf [1196]

  • The Center for Campus Organizing is a natl. org. dealing with progressive issues of all types. Infusion is their bimonthly magazine; they publish a “Campus Organizing Guide for Social Justice Groups”; and have a 134-page, 1997 book, Uncovering the Right on Campus: A Guide to Resisting Conservative Attacks on Equality & Social Justice ($8). Contact them at 165 Friend St., #1, Boston, MA 02114, 617/725-2886, [1190]

May/June 1999

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  • The Grassroots Fundraising Journal published by Kim Klein & Stephanie Roth, is a bimonthly, available for $32 from Chardon Press, PO Box 11607, Berkeley, CA 94712, 510/596-8160, E-mail: [1265]

January/February 1999

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  • "Factors Influencing Community Acceptance: Summary of the Evidence," by Michael Dear, Lois Takahashi & Robert Wilton (77 pp., Jan. 1996) & “Community Relations: A Resource Guide,” by Dear & Wilton (66 pp., Jan. 1996), are available ($10 each) from the Campaign for New Community, 1629 K St. NW, #802, Wash., DC 20006, 202/822-6960. They also have available a publications list with numerous other research reports, handbooks and zoning reform materials on a range of specific topics dealing with how “people of good will can find common ground on which to build healthy, inclusive neighborhoods.....reaching out to those among us who are in need.” [1374]

  • "Working for Justice: The Campaign for Human Development & Poor Empowerment Groups," by John McCarthy & Jim Castelli (86 pp., Nov. 1994) is available (no price given) from the Campaign, 3211 4th Street, NE, Washington, DC 20017, 202/541-3210. [1345]

September/October 1998

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  • "Community-Based Research in the US," by Richard Sclove, Madeleine Scammell & Breena Holland (150 pp., 1998) is available from The Loka Inst., P0 Box 355, Amherst, MA 01004-0355, 413/559-5860. 12 organizational case studies are included. A 10-page Exec. Summary is also available (possibly free). Related publication: "Doing Community-Based Research: A Reader," 12 articles by Fran Ansley, John Gaventa, Carolyn Raffensperger, Richard Sclove et al., with Forewords by Lois Gibbs & Jim Sessions. 120 pp., $10 +s/h. [1942]

  • "Community-Based Research in the US," by Richard Sclove, Madeleine Scammell & Breena Holland (150 pp., Jan. 1998) The Loka Institute, P0 Box 355, Amherst, MA 01004-0355, 413/559-5860, E-mail: [2194]

  • Public Policy & Community: Activism & Governance in Texas, by Robert H. Wilson (301 pp. Jan. 1997) University of Texas Press, P0 Box 7819, Austin, TX 78713-7879. [2197]

  • "Doing Community-Based Research: A Reader," by Fran Ansley, John Gaventa, Carolyn Raffensperger & Richard Sclove (120 pp., $10 + s/h) The Loka Inst., P0 Box 355, Amherst, MA
    01004-0355, 413/559-5860, E-mail: [2195]

  • "Popular Education for Movement Building: A Resource Guide" is available ($28) from Project South, 9 Gammon Ave., Atlanta, GA 30315, 404/622-0602. [1943]

  • Popular Education for Movement Building: A Resource Guide ($28) Project South, 9 Gammon Ave., Atlanta, GA 30315, 404/622-0602, E-mail: [2196]

May/June 1998

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  • "Co/Motion Guide to Youth-Led Social Change" (250 pp., 1998) "a training manual designed to engage young people in action by giving them the tools, skills & strategies for solving problems & improving their communities," is available ($8) from the Alliance for Justice, 2000 P St. NW, #712, Washington, DC 20036, 202/822-6070. [2707]

March/April 1998

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  • "Community Organizing: The Missing Piece in School Reform?" (5 pp., 1997/8) is free, with a SASE, from the Natl. Coal. of Educ. Activists, P0 Box 678, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 [2733]

January/February 1998

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  • Voices from the Front Lines, by Eric Mann is a 40 min. video ($150) "about organizing, about movement building, about environmental justice," focussing on the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union project of the Labor/Community Strategy Ctr, 3780 Wilshire Blvd., #1200, Los Angeles, CA 90010, 213/387-2800. Amount: 150.00 [3130]

November/December 1997

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  • Beyond the Politics of Place: New Directions in Community Organizing, by Gary Delgado (96 pp., 1997) is available ($29) from Chardon Press, P0 Box 11607, Berkeley, CA 94712, 510/704-8714, E-mail: [3495]

September/October 1997

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  • "A Stirring in the Land," by JoAnn Wypijewski (Sept. 8/15, 1997) a heartening overview of current organizing trends, appeared in Nation. We'll send you a copy of the 8 page article with a SASE (55 cents). [3429]

  • "We are the Ones We Are Waiting For - Women of Color Organizing for Transformation" (56 pp., 1997) contains interviews with 32 women of color organizers. Order from the US Urban-Rural Mission, PO Box 240, Durham, NC 27702, 919/683-3145. [3430]

July/August 1997

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  • "The Phoenix Fund's Clearinghouse Listing" (49 pp., 1997) featuring a range of orgs. & projs. focussed on the empowerment of the working poor & their communities, is available (possibly free) from Ann Bastian, New World Fdn., 100 E. 85 St., NYC, NY 10028, 212/249-1023. [3323]

May/June 1997

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  • "Dollars & Direct Action" a collaborative effort of The Neighborhood Works & Third Force, is a special 32-page section of the March/April 1997 issue of The Neighborhood Works. Subs, to the bimonthly are $30/yr./$20 students. Contact them (2125W, North Ave., Chicago, IL 60647, 312/ 278-4800, x140) for price of this special issue. [3187]

January/February 1997

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  • "A Natl. School for Environmental & Civil Rights Organizing" combining theory, history & intense field work, is being developed by the Labor/Community Strategy Ctr., with 6-mo. programs beginning every Jan. & July. Contact Rita Borgos, 213/387-2800. [2865]

  • The Journal of Community Advocacy & Activism has just been launched by the Ctr. for Law & Social Justice of Medgar Evers College, CUNY (headed by PRRAC Board member Esmeralda Simmons). The initial (Oct. 1996) issue has a review of the Center's 10-year history by Simmons, a miscellaneous set of Research Papers and a Community Dialogue on urban education. The per issue price is $7, subs to the semi-annual are $12, $20 libraries, from the Ctr., 1150 Carroll St., Brooklyn, NY 11225, 718/270-6253. [2870]

November/December 1996

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  • "The Roots of Our Activism: History You Can Organize To," by Larry Yates (24 pp., 1996) is available from Social Justice Connections, PO Box 4090, Arlington, VA 22204, 703/553-4440, email: [4191]

September/October 1996

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  • "A Critical Review" of (ex-PRRAC Board member) Gary Delgado's "Beyond the Politics of Place: New Directions in Community Organizing in the 1990s," by Mike Miller, Exec. Dir, of Organize Training Ctr., is available ($10) from OTC, 442A Vicksburg St., SF, CA 94114. Delgado's 99-page, 1994 document is available ($10) from the Applied Research Ctr., 1322 Webster St., Oakland, CA 94612. [4007]

  • Social Psychological Perspectives on Grassroots Organizing, by Michele Wittig & B. Ann Bettencourt is a special 220-page, 1996 issue of the Journal of Social Issues $21 from J.S. Canner & Co., 10 Charles St., Needham Heights, MA 02194, 617/449-9103. [4008]

July/August 1996

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  • Mel King: Love, Leadership, Community (May 1996) is a special issure of Peacework, published by the New England Office of the Amer. Friends Service Comm. The issure features an overview by King's MIT colleague Louise Dunlap, a conversation with King and a collection of comments from his students & colleagues. Available from AFSC, 2161 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140, 617/661-6130. [3862]

May/June 1996

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  • "A Vision Beyond survival A Resource Guide for Incarcerated Women," by Brenda V. Smith & Cynthia Dallard is available ($25 nonprofits, $40 others) from the Natl. Women's Law Center's Women in Prison Project, 11 Dupont Circle NW, #800, Wash., DC 20036, 202/588-5180. [3746]

  • "Excellence in Community Policing" is a new Natl. League of Cities project "to identify innovative & exemplary local public safety programs that demonstrate strategies & techniques of community policing." A nationwide award competition is involved; application packets (June 28 deadline) are available. Inf. from William Whiteside, NLC, 1301 Penn. Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20004, 202/626-3136. [3750]

  • "Finding the Grassroots: A Directory of NYC Activist Organizations" is available ($13) from the North Star Fund, 666 Broadway, 5th flr., NYC, NY 10012, 212/1460-5511. [3740]

  • "How-and Why-to Influence Public Policy: An Action Guide for Comm. Orgs." is a special Winter 1996, 40-page issue of Community Change, available (free) from the Ctr. for Comm. Change, 1000 Wisc. Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20007, 202/342-0519. [3742]

  • "Strategic Partnerships: How to Create & Maintain Interorganizational Collaborations & Coalitions," by Beth Rosenthal & Terry Mizrahi (200+ pp., 1994) is a workbook, available ($53) from the Educ. Ctr. for Comm. Organizing, Hunter College School of Social Work, 129 E. 79 St., NYC, NY 10021, 212/925-8051. [3743]

March/April 1996

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  • The Activist's Handbook: A Primer for the 1990s & Beyond, by Randy Shaw an attorney who directs San Francisco's Tenderloin Housing Clinic, will be available ($20.95 pub) in June from Univ. Calif. Press, 1445 Lower Feny Rd., Ewing, NJ 08618, 609883-1758. [3602]

  • "The Labor/Community Strategy Center" has a new publications catalog on its books, articles & films for organizations, activists, faculty & students, covering a range of issues (immigration, corporate control, air quality, transportation, etc.). Available from 3780 Wilshire Blvd., #1200, LA, CA 90010, 213/387-2800. [3603]

  • Unintended Consequences: The Faces of Older Workers Cut Off from General Assistance is a photo documentary by Harvey Finkle, which will exhibit at the State Capitol in Harrisburg and at the Phila. Inst. of Contemporary Art. A 19-page publication of some of the photos & accompanying text is available (no price listed) from the project sponsor, Project HOME, 1515 Fairmount Ave., Phila., PA 19130, 215/232-7272. Finkle can be reached at 215/563-7271. [3599]

July/August 1995

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  • "The Black Student Leadership Network Organizing Manual" (59 pp., 1995) and a companion "Black Student Leadership Network House Party Manual" (29 pp., 1995) are available ($3.50 and free, respectively) from the Children's Defense Fund, 25 E St. NW, Wash., DC 20001, 202/662-3652. [4868]

  • Women Organizing & Diversity is a workbook & video ($25 & $45, respectively; $65 for the package) from the Educe Ctr. for Comm. . Organizing (ECCO) Hunter College School of Soc. Wk., 129 E. 79 St., NYC, NY 10021, 212/452-7112. [4869]

May/June 1995

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  • "Organizational Development Tools" is available from ResourceWomen, 4527 S. Dakota Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20017, 202/832-8071. [4428]

January/February 1995

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  • Detroit Lives, by Robert Mast (350 pp., 1994) contains interviews with Detroit activists and observers committed to rejuvenating their city. Chapters cover grassroots surnval organizing, the struggles of women, the African-American experience, the trauma of the politics of race & class, the dilemma of organized labor, theology for the people, etc. $19.95 from Temple Univ. Press, Broad & Oxford Sts., Phila., PA 19122, 215/204-8787. [4269]

  • Let the People Decide: Neighbolrhood Organizing in America, by Robert Fisher (287 pp., 1994) of the Univ. of Houston, has just been published by Twayne (a MacMillan imprint), $17.95, 800/257-5755. [4270]

November/December 1994

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  • "Community-Based Public Health Research Principles and Application Procedures" is a 7-page document devised to "facilitate the design and implementation of research which is grounded in, and relevant to, local communities." It was developed by the Detroit-Genesee County Community-Based Public Health Consortium. Copies are available (free) from Renee Bayer, M4140 SPH 11, 1420 Washington Hts., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029, 313/936-0932. [6651]

  • Computers for Social Change and Community Organizing, by John Downing, Robert Fasano, Michael McCullogh, Patricia Friedland, Terry Mizrahi & Jeremy Shapiro (145 pp., May 1991), is available (text edition $16.95) from Haworth Press, 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580, 800/342-9678. Also, Community Organization and Social Administration, eds. Terry Mizrahi & John Morrison (265 pp., 1993), text edition $17.95, from Haworth. [6652]

  • SALSA is the Social Action & Leadership School for Activists of the Washington, DC-based Inst. for Policy Studies. Its Fall Session includes one-time evening classes on the media (writing op-eds, working with the press, editing, writing, investigative reporting, newsletters, video production, radio speaking, etc.), the information highway, direct action & civil disobedience, creating single-issue coalitions, researching the government and corporations, Washington lobbying, whistleblower protection, and many other relevant subjects. Instructors include Scott Armstrong, Jefferson Morley, David Corn, Edwin Rothschild, Michael Shuman, Cathy Hurwitt, Peter Kombluh & John Cavanagh. For catalogue, contact IPS, 1601 Conn. Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20009, 202/234-9382. [6653]

September/October 1994

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  • Works in Progress the premiere issue of which was June, 1994, is a "quarterly report on progressive innovations, interventions and initiatives" from progressive organizations. $20/yr. from the Applied Research Ctr., 25 Embarcadero Cove, Oakland, CA 94606. [5076]

July/August 1994

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  • ACORN Tenant Union is a new formation in some 40 public housing projects in 20 cities, including Baltimore, Oakland, NYC, Chicago, KC, Bridgeport, New Bedford and Chester, PA-representing some 30,000 residents in all at the end of February. Inf. from Madeline Talbott, 312/939-7488. [5346]

  • "Attica:1971-1991: A Commemorative Symposium" is the Winter, 1993 issue (vol. 3, no. 1) of Concrete Garden, 174 pp., $7.50 from the Grad. Group on Justice in Democracy, SUNY-Buffalo, Dept. Amer. Studies, 1010 Clemens Hall, SUNY, Buffalo, NY 14260. [5351]

  • "Media: What's To It???: An Organizer's Guide to Press Relations" (51 pp.) is available ($10) from McKinney & McDowell Assoc., 1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20036, 202/833-9771. [5347]

  • Organizing for Manpowerment by Jacqueline Londros & Scott Wilson (320 pp., 1994), is available ($22.50) from Columbia Univ. Press, 800/944-8648 [5348]

  • Organizing in Hard Times: Labor & Neighborhoods in Hartford by Louise Simmons, is available ($16.95) from Temple U. Press, Phila., PA 19122,800/447-1656. [5349]

  • "The Campaign for Community Safety & Police Accountability" has produced a 4-page "Home Run Strategy for Community Safety." Available (probably free) from CSPA, 1218 E. 21 St., Oakland, CA 94606, 5101533-7583. [5353]

  • The Natl. Coal. to Abolish the Death Penalty has available a publications list bibliography. Their most recent publication is "Breach of Trust: Physician Participation in Executions in the US" ($8.05). 918 F St. NW #601, Wash., DC 20004, 202/347-2411. [5352]

May/June 1994

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  • "How to Recruit People to Your Organization" by Michael Brown, is a new 40-page manual. $12 from him at 54-C Trowbridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138, 617/ 492-3071. [5294]

November/December 1993

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  • "Directory of Community Organizations in Tennessee" compiled by Verna Fausey, just updated, is available ($10) from the Southern Neighborhoods Network, PO Box 121133, Nashville, TN 37212. [5930]

  • "The Ark" is the new newsletter of the National Organizers Alliance. The initial issue contains an article by PRRAC Board member Gary Delgado on "Power and Prejudice." Membership/ subscription information from Kim Feltner, NOA, 130 11th St. NE, Wash., DC 20002, 202/543-6603. [5932]

  • "The Power to be Heard" is the special 71-page Aug./Sept. issue of City Limits, on community organizing. Articles on specific groups such as ACORN, Action for Community Empowerment (Central Harlem), ACT UP, E. Brooklyn Congregations, NW Bronx Comm. & Clergy Coal., conflicts between the Hasidic and Latino communities in Williamsburg, etc. $5 (lower bulk order prices) from City Limits, 40 Prince St., NYC, NY 10012, 212/925-9820. [5931]

September/October 1993

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  • "A Voice at City Hall: How NYC's Budget Works and What Your Community Can Do About It" by Anne Pasmanick and John Broderick, is a just published 23-page manual for low-income groups involved in budget advocacy work. $3 from the Comm. Trng. & Resource Ctr., 47 Ann St., NYC, NY 10038, 212/964-7200. [5978]

  • CDBG Stories: An Organizing Manual is an illustrated 70-page set of case studies, $15 to subscribers of Targeting Times, $25 to others, from the Coal. for Low-Inc. Comm. Dev., 513 N. Chap Gate Ln., Balt., MD 21229 410/945-2835. [5979]

  • Mobilizing the Community: Local Policies in the Era of the Global City eds. Robert Fisher & Joseph Kling (1993), is available ($21.95) from Sage Pubs., 2455 Teller Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, 805/499-9774. Included is a chapter by PRRAC Board member Gary Delgado on People United for Better Oakland, plus case studies of Tucson, El Paso, SF, and Massachusetts. [5981]

  • "Women Organizers: A Beginning Collection of References & Resources" (30 +pp., $5) and "Women on the Advance: Highlights of a Natl. Conf. on Women & Organizing" (40 pp., $5) are available from the Educ. Ctr. for Comm. Organizing, Hunter Coll. School of Soc. Wk., E. 79 St., NYC, NY 10021., 212/452-7112. [5980]

July/August 1993

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  • "Community Outreach in Denver's Black Churches" 80 pp., April 1993) is available (likely free) from Grant Jones, c/o The Piton Foundation, 511 16th St. #700, Denver, CO 80202,303/825-6246. [5833]

  • "Getting Together for Change: An Organizing Manual for Low-Income Tenants" (20 pp., 1993) is available (no price listed) from PRRAC grantee Paul Gattone, So. Ariz. People's Law Ctr., 606 N. Fourth Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705, 602/623-7306. [5834]

May/June 1993

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  • Making It Happen: Community Self-Help - A Survey of Groups and Programs in Washington, DC ed. Kristin Schafer (45 pp., 1993), is an annotated directory, describing more than 90 organizations and programs. $4 from SAIS Program on Social Change & Dev., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1740 Mass. Ave. NW, Wash., DC 20036, 202/663-5691. [5763]

March 1993

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  • Organizing in the Other America: A Case Study Handbook y Rev. Houston Wheeler of the Southern Ministry Network (205 pp., Nov. 1992), is available ($12) from the Network, PO Box 89278, Atlanta, GA 30312, 404/624-9079. It recounts the organizing efforts of the McDaniel-Glenn housing project in Atlanta around affordable housing and the future impact of the 1996 Olympics. [5695]

November 1992

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  • "Organizing: A Guide for Grassroots Leaders," by Si Khan (revised edition),(320 pp.), is available ($22.95) from NASW Press, PO Box 92180, Wash., DC 20090-2180, 800/752-3590. [6540]

  • The Texas IAF [Industrial Areas Foundation] Network a union of ten broad-based organizations of families and congregations whose goal is empowerment, is described in booklet, available (likely free) from the Network, 1106 W. Claytron Lane, Suite 120W, Austin, TX 78723, 512/459-6551. [6541]

September 1992

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  • Women in Organizing a leadership development program for women community organizers and activists, is seeking three groups of community--based women activists and organizers to take part in a six-month demonstration project, to develop a self-selected issue-oriented campaign. The project will begin in Feb. 1993, and proposals (211 pp.) are due Oct. 1. Inf. from Women United for a Better Chicago, 1325 S. Wabash #305, Chicago, IL 60605, 312/939-3636. [6424]

July 1992

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  • "Organzing: One Woman's Experience: A Field Guide for Community Workers," by Theresa Freeman (83 pp., 1991), is available ($8.95) from the Vermont Toxic Educ. Proj., Box 485, Barre, VT 05641, 802/476-7757. [6327]

May 1992

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  • Community Changing is the newsletter of Community Change, Inc., 14 Beacon St. #702, Boston, MA 02108, 617/523-0555; no price listed. [6212]

  • Community Link is a computer network of grassroots community-based organizations, and their allies, working in the fields of housing, organizing, and community development. It provides information on federal legislation, organizing, bank investment, etc. It was established by the Ctr. for Comm. Change and is part of the HandsNet Network. Contact: Neil Gilbert, CLink, 914 Lincoln Way W., So. Bend, IN 46516, 219/287-0391. [6209]

  • "Community Politics," by David Matthews & Noelle McAfee is a working paper, (41 pp., n.d. [1992]), from the Program for Community Problem Solving, 1301 Penn. Ave. NW #600, Wash., DC 20004, 202/626-3183; no price listed (probably free). They also have available a short publications list. [6210]

  • Detroit Summer '92 Modelled after the 1964 Mississippi Voter Registration Project, Detroit Summer'92 will bring 300-400 young people from around the country to work with young Detroiters on community-based projects, including rehabbing houses, marching on crackhouses, planting urban gardens, workshops and cultural events. Contact Guy Chichester, Coordinator, Box 102, Rye, NH 03870, 603/964-9833. [6211]

March 1992

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  • After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois, by Peg Knoepfle is a new book, available ($13.95) from Illinois Issues, Sangamon St. Univ., Springfield, IL 62794-9243, 217/786-6084. [6017]

  • Community Matters is a newsletter on working community strategies, critical policy issues and coalition activities, published by the Community Workshop on Econ. Dev., 100 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607, 312/243-0249. $15/year for 11 issues. [6020]

  • Community- Organizing Documentary: On Borrowed Land, by Matthew Westfall is a 51-minute film on Reclamation, a Philippine squatter community outside Manila, where 50,000 residents laid out streets and established a rudimentary sanitary system, security force, schools and daycare centers. It won the Amer. Planning Assn's. 1991 Paul Davidoff Award for its commitment to advocacy planning in support of the needs of society's "have-nots." Available for rent or sale from Cinema Guild, 1697 Broadway #802, NYC, NY 10019, 212/246-5522. [6019]

  • "Organizer Training:" A 7-page "Consumer's Guide to Organizer Training," by Patti Wolter (from the Oct./Nov. The Neighborhood Works) -- with basic data on the Midwest Academy, Ctr. for Third World Organizing, Grassroots Leadership and similar groups -- plus an addendum (by Donna Schaper) on church-based organizer training groups is available from us with a SASE. [6018]

  • The Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter is a new publication on issues like work-place democracy, the environment, and labor. It has an international as well as US focus. The first issue features pieces on Japan's Seikyo Cooperative Federation, an emerging worker takeover of the North American steel industry, and two organizing projects (Merrimack Valley Project, Lawrence, MA and Naugatuck Valley Project, Waterbury, CT). $12/yr (at least 5 issues) for individuals, $24 for libraries and organizations, from GEO Newsletter, PO Box 5065, New Haven, CT 06525. [6016]

  • The Organizer Mailing is a quarterly collection of reprinted articles and documents of interest to working organizers, leaders and supporters of organizing. A recent packet contained 34 reprints (95 pp.) of items from a wide variety of publications. $40/year individuals, $50 organizations, from The Organize Training Center (run by Mike Miller), 1095 Market St. #419, SF, CA 94103, 415/552-8990. [6015]

Not in any newsletter

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  • "Launching the National Fair Housing Debate: A Closer Look at the 1966 Chicago Freedom Movement" [9645] See full text.

  • Beyond the Politics of Place: New Directions in Community Organizing in the 1990s by Gary Delgado (99 pp., 1994), is available ($10) from the Applied Research Ctr., 440 Grand Ave., #401, Oakland, CA 94610. [5209]

  • "Community Organizing and Power" is an ongoing study of locally-based efforts to organizing low- to moderate income people in the US since 1970. Roger Karapin, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard, is seeking inf. about research on the degree of organization and degree of power achieved in these efforts, as well as the names of researchers and others interested in his findings. Contact him at the Prog. on Nonviolent Sanctions, 1737 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138, 617/495-0775. [5210]

  • Defending Comma*. The Struggle for Alternative Development in Cedar Riverside by Randy Stoecker, is a just-published Temple U. Press book, documenting a Minneapolis neighborhood slated for demolition that was saved by a powerful grassroots movement that produced one of the largest community controlled urban redevelopment projects in the country. [5211]

  • Streets of Hope. The Fall and Rise of an Urban Neighborhood by Peter Medoff & Holly Sklar (320 pp., 1994), has just been published by So. End Press, 116 St. Botolph St., Boston, MA 02115, 617/266-0629. It Chronicles Boston's Dudley St. Neighborhood Initiative, the nation's first neighborhood group to win eminent domain powers. [5212]

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