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Articles - Poverty / Welfare

July/August 2014

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  • "Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Los Angeles Celebrates Anniversaries of the Civil Rights Movement," by Robert Garcia [14955] See full text.

September/October 2012

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  • "Why Don’t Vouchers Do a Better Job of Deconcentrating Poverty? Insights from Fieldwork with Poor Families," by Stefanie DeLuca, Philip M.E. Garboden & Peter Rosenblatt [13889] See full text.

July/August 2009

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  • "Building One America: a National Summit on Regional Opportunity" [11767] See full text.

May/June 2009

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  • "More Than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City," by William Julius Wilson [11753] See full text.

January/February 2009

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  • ""The Goal of Inclusive, Diverse Communities": Introduction to the final report of the National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity" [11363] See full text.

  • "A Freedom Budget for All Americans," by Chester Hartman [11362] See full text.

  • "Baynard Rustin and the Civil Rights Movement," by Daniel Levine [11360] See full text.

November/December 2008

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  • "American Indian Boarding Schools" [11355] See full text.

  • "From "Adverse Uses" to "Moral Hazards"," by William L. Taylor [11349] See full text.

  • "Greensboro's Radical Experiment in Democracy," by Signe Waller Foxworth [11358] See full text.

  • "Housing America's Native People," by Wendy Helgemo [11351] See full text.

  • "Indigenous Peoples: Response to the Periodic Report of the United States to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination" [11359] See full text.

  • "Native Americans and Juvenile Justice: A Hidden Tragedy," by Terry L. Cross [11356] See full text.

  • "PRRAC Researcher Report: Sentencing Enhancement Zones Fail to Protect Children," by Aleks Kajstura & Peter Wagner [11357] See full text.

  • "Scapegoating Blacks for the Economic Crisis," by Gregory D. Squires [11348] See full text.

  • "The Cobell Trust Land Lawsuit," by Justin Guilder [11350] See full text.

  • "Tribal Self-Government in the United States," by John Dossett [11352] See full text.

September/October 2008

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July/August 2008

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  • "21st Century Gateways: Immigrants in Suburban America," by Audrey Singer, Susan W. Hardwick & Caroline B. Brettell [11268] See full text.

  • "Building a Labor Base for Immigrant Rights in New York City," by Jim Perlstein [11270] See full text.

  • "Renters and the Housing Credit Crisis," by Danilo Pelletiere & Keith Wardrip [11271] See full text.

  • "The Kerner Commission: Remembering, Forgetting and Truth-Telling," by Bruce R. Thomas [11269] See full text.

May/June 2008

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March/April 2008

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  • "A More Than Modest Proposal," by Wendy Puriefoy [11254] See full text.

  • "An Excellent Idea," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [11255] See full text.

  • "An Important Step," by William L. Taylor [11253] See full text.

  • "Human Rights and the Demolition of Public Housing in New Orleans" [11258] See full text.

  • "It Might Actually Work," by Pedro Noguera [11251] See full text.

  • "PRRAC Researcher Report: Keeping Active, Keeping Safe: A Look at Participation in Structured Activities Among Working-Class and Middle-Class Families," by Pamela R. Bennett, Amy Lutz & Lakshmi Jayaram [11259] See full text.

  • "Report from Geneva: U.N. Committee Reviews U.S. Record on Race," by Philip Tegeler [11257] See full text.

  • "Rewarding Students by Nudging Adults," by Jenice L. View [11256] See full text.

  • "Some Possible Changes, Critics and Cautions," by john powell [11252] See full text.

  • "Tax Aversion: The Legacy of Slavery," by Robin Einhorn [11250] See full text.

January/February 2008

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  • "A Matter of Racial Justice: The Alarming Disparities of Lead-Poisoning Rates in New York State," by Michael L. Hanley [11247] See full text.

  • "How Colleges and Universities Can Promote K-12 Diversity: A Modest Proposal" [11245] See full text.

  • "PRRAC Researcher Report: Food Justice Activism in West Oakland, California" [11249] See full text.

  • "Public Housing Redevelopment: Balancing the Right to Return and the Right to Expanded Housing Opportunities" [11248] See full text.

  • "When the Feds Won't Act: School Desegregation, State Courts, and Minnesota's The Choice is Yours Program," by Myron Orfield & Baris Gumus-Dawes [11246] See full text.

November/December 2007

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  • "Race, Poverty and Incarceration," by Donald Braman [11243] See full text.

  • "The Missing Class: The Near Poor," by Victor Tan Chen & Katherine S. Newman [11244] See full text.

September/October 2007

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  • "In Search of a Just Public Housing Policy Post-Katrina," by Stacy E. Seicshnaydre [10650] See full text.

  • "Transportation: Regional Equity & Environmental Justice," by Karyn Rotker [10649] See full text.

July/August 2007

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  • "Center for American Progress Response," by Angela Glover Blackwell, Peter Edelman, Cassandra Butts & Mark Greenberg [10642] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by Christopher Howard [10540] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by Herbert J. Gans [10635] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by David K. Shipler [10636] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by Mtangulizi Sanyika [10637] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by William E. Spriggs [10638] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by Margy Waller [10639] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by Michael R. Wenger [10640] See full text.

  • "Comments on CAP Report:," by Jill Cunningham [10641] See full text.

  • "From Poverty to Prosperity: Executive Summary," by Center for American Progress Task Force on Poverty [10643] See full text.

May/June 2007

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March/April 2007

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  • "A Painful but Necessary Revisiting," by Steve Cohen [10526] See full text.

  • "New Paths for Action Against Racism and Poverty in the United States and All Its Territories," by Ann Fagan Ginger [10525] See full text.

  • "Report on 2006 Witt Internship: Idaho Community Action Network" [10528] See full text.

January/February 2007

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November/December 2006

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  • "Excerpts from Supreme Court Briefs" [10193] See full text.

  • "Katrina and the Second Disaster: A Twenty-Point Plan to Destroy Black New Orleans," by Robert D. Bullard [10194] See full text.

  • "Race vis-a-vis Class in the U.S.?," by john a. powell & Stephen Menendian [10192] See full text.

  • "Retooling Community-Building for Racial Equality," by Keith Lawrence [10189] See full text.

  • "Structural Racism and Rebuilding New Orleans," by Maya Wiley [10191] See full text.

  • "Toward a Structural Racism Framework," by Andrew Grant-Thomas & john a. powell [10188] See full text.

  • "Why Structural Racism? Why a Structural Racism Caucus?," by Anne C. Kubisch [10187] See full text.

  • "Youth Organizing Tackles the "Racism You Can't Name"," by Julie Quiroz-Martinez [10190] See full text.

September/October 2006

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  • "Girls in the 'Hood: Evidence on the Impact of Safety," by Susan J. Popkin, Tama Leventhal & Gretchen Weismann [10186] See full text.

  • "Katrina Books" [10202] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty and Oral History," by Alan H. Stein & Gene B. Preuss [10185] See full text.

July/August 2006

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  • "Family Housing Opportunities in the LIHTC Program" [10197] See full text.

  • "Freedom Riders," by Raymond Arsenault [10195] See full text.

  • "Housing is the Foundation of HIV Prevention and Treatment," by Virginia Shubert & Hilary Botein [10196] See full text.

May/June 2006

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  • "Katrina’s Blueprint for Ending Poverty," by Lance Hill [9868] See full text.

March/April 2006

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  • "Race, Poverty and Pesticides," by Jay Feldman [9753] See full text.

  • "The Political Repercussions of Hurricane Katrina," by Chester Hartman [9752] See full text.

  • "When Affirmative Action Was White," by Ira Katznelson [9751] See full text.

January/February 2006

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  • "Discrimination Against Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program: An Enforcement Strategy," by Isabelle M. Thabault & Eliza T. Platts-Mills [9757] See full text.

  • "FEMA and Civil Rights" [9758] See full text.

  • "Opportunity and the Automobile," by Margy Waller [9756] See full text.

  • "Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro, North Carolina: A Paradigm for Social Transformation," by Signe Waller & Marty Nathan, MD [9755] See full text.

November/December 2005

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September/October 2005

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  • "Community Health Strategies to Improve the Life Options of Young Men of Color," by Jorielle R. Brown [9651] See full text.

  • "Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medicare," by Ellen O'Brien [9650] See full text.

  • "The Contribution of Black-White Health Differences to the Academic Achievement Gap," by Richard Rothstein & Tamara Wilder [9648] See full text.

  • "The Right to Health Under International Law and Its Relevance to the United States," by Alicia Ely Yamin [9652] See full text.

  • "Towards a "Fair Health" Movement," by Gail Christopher [9647] See full text.

  • "Very Low Birthweight in African-American Infants: The Role of Maternal Exposure to Interpersonal Racial Discrimination," by James W. Collins, Jr., Richard J. David, Arden Handler, Stephen Wall & Stephen Andes [9649] See full text.

July/August 2005

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  • "Life Options for Young African-American Males," by Michael R. Wenger [9516] See full text.

  • "Re-Directing the School to Prison Pipeline," by Daniel J. Losen [9515] See full text.

  • "The Cradle to Prison Pipeline℠ Crisis," by Morna Murray [9518] See full text.

May/June 2005

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  • "The Power and Limits of Space: New Directions for Housing Mobility and Research on Neighborhoods," by Xavier de Souza Briggs [9437] See full text.

March/April 2005

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  • "Children Get Social Security, Too," by William E. Spriggs [9431] See full text.

  • "Minority Exclusion in Small Town America," by James H. Johnson, Jr., Ann Moss Joyner & Allan Parnell [9432] See full text.

  • "Polikoff Responds" [9434] See full text.

  • "Skewing Democracy: Where the Census Counts Prisoners," by Peter Wagner, JD [9433] See full text.

  • "Victory in Baltimore Public Housing Desegregation Case," by Philip Tegeler [9435] See full text.

January/February 2005

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  • "Getting the Politics Right on a National Gautreaux Program," by Sheryll Cashin [9350] See full text.

  • "Inclusionary Zoning - Gautreaux by Another Pathway," by David Rusk [9347] See full text.

  • "Making a Nationwide Gautreaux Program More "Neighborhood Friendly"," by George Galster [9345] See full text.

  • "Needed Element: Laws Prohibiting Source of Income Discrimination," by Libby Perl [9346] See full text.

  • "Predatory Lending: Undermining Economic Progress in Communities of Color," by Mike Calhoun & Nikitra Bailey [9349] See full text.

  • "The CLT Model: A Tool for Permanently Affordable Housing and Wealth Generation," by Gus Newport [9348] See full text.

  • "We Must Acknowledge How Poor People Life," by Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh [9344] See full text.

  • "Why Housing Mobility? The Research Evidence Today," by Margery Austin Turner [9341] See full text.

November/December 2004

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  • "From Slave Republic to Constitutional Democracy: The Continuing Struggle for the Right to Vote," by Jamin Raskin [9331] See full text.

  • "Racial Inequality and the Black Ghetto," by Alexander Polikoff [9330] See full text.

  • "Voting Rights for Immigrants," by Catherine Tactaquin [9332] See full text.

September/October 2004

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July/August 2004

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  • "Racial Disparities in Housing and Health," by Dolores Acevedo-Garcia & Theresa L. Osypuk [9313] See full text.

May/June 2004

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November/December 2003

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  • "Race, Poverty, & Special Education: Apprenticeships for Prison Work," by Rosa Smith [8343] See full text.

September/October 2003

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July/August 2003

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  • "Concentration of Poverty Declines in the 1990s," by Paul Jargowsky [8332] See full text.

May/June 2003

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  • "Race, Poverty, and Virtual Learning," by Sharon Johnston & Michelle Kinley [7814] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty, and New Strategies to Control the Obesity Epidemic," by Anthony Robbins, Wendy E. Parmet & Richard Daynard [7813] See full text.

March/April 2003

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  • "Reverse Discrimination Quiz," by Fred Pincus [7812] See full text.

  • "The Ethno/Racial Context of Poverty in Rural and Small Town America," by Calvin L. Beale [7806] See full text.

January/February 2003

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  • "Keeping the Dream Alive: The King Papers Project's Liberation Curriculum," by Clayborne Carson & Erin Cook [7805] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty and the Digital Divide," by Brian Komar [7804] See full text.

November/December 2002

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  • "Eliminating the Slave Health Deficit: Using Reparations to Repair Black Health," by Vernillia Randall [7801] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty and Homeowner Insurance," by Gregory D. Squires [7802] See full text.

September/October 2002

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  • "Race, Poverty and Community Schools," by Ira Harkavy & Martin J. Blank [7798] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty and the Estate Tax," by Gary Bass, Ellen Taylor & Cate Paskoff [7799] See full text.

  • "Social Exclusion: The European Approach to Social Disadvantage," by Hilary Silver & S. M. Miller [7797] See full text.

July/August 2002

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May/June 2002

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  • "High Classroom Turnover: How Children Get Left Behind," by Chester Hartman & Alison Leff [7789] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty, and Residential Schools," by Heidi Goldsmith [7791] See full text.

March/April 2002

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  • "Director's Report - The National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support," by Deepak Bhargava [7788] See full text.

  • "The Commonwealth Institute," by S. M. Miller [7786] See full text.

  • "The Latino Coalition for Families," by Denise Rivera Portis [7787] See full text.

January/February 2002

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  • "Director's Report - The National Low Income Housing Coalition," by Sheila Crowley [7777] See full text.

  • "Durban, Globalization, and the World After 9/11: Toward a New Politics," by Howard Winant [7775] See full text.

  • "Latinos, the WCAR and 9/11," by Marisa J. Demeo [7771] See full text.

  • "Post Durban: Where Will We Stand," by James Early [7773] See full text.

  • "Standing Together for Migrant Rights," by Cathi Tactaquin [7767] See full text.

November/December 2001

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  • "Director's Report - The Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law," by Thomas J. Henderson [7784] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by Theodore M. Shaw [7778] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by Makani Themba [7779] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by john a. powell [7780] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Response," by S. M. Miller [7781] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration," by Thomas J. Henderson [7782] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration - A Reply to the Responses," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [7783] See full text.

September/October 2001

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  • "Legal Services Practice: Devolution to Second-Class Justice," by Jose Padilla [7762] See full text.

  • "Response," by Gary Orfield [7761] See full text.

  • "Socioeconomic School Integration," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [7760] See full text.

  • "Making the Grade: Exposing Structural Racism in Our Schools," by Tammy Johnson & Terry Keleher [7763] See full text.

July/August 2001

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  • "Race, Poverty, and Youth Development," by Carla Roach, Hanh Cao Yu & Heather Lewis-Charp (July/August 2001) is an article about youth development in low-income communities. [167] See full text.

  • "New Study Disregards Racial and Gender Dynamics in Predicting Child Poverty," by Danielle Hayot is an article on a new study that disregards race and gender when predicting child poverty. [175] See full text.

May/June 2001

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  • "Race and Poverty in the Rural South," by Margaret Walsh & Cynthia M. Duncan [1777] See full text.

  • "Wealth, Success and Poverty in Indian Country," by Bambi Kraus [1778] See full text.

March/April 2001

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  • "Fighting Welfare Racism," by Noel Cazanave & Kenneth J. Neubeck [1782] See full text.

  • "The Self-Sufficiency Standard: A New Tool for Evaluation Anti-Poverty Policy," by Diana M. Pearce [1783] See full text.

January/February 2001

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  • "Economic Growth and Poverty: Lessons from the 1980s and 1990s," by Jared Bernstein [1788] See full text.

  • "Race, Poverty, and Sustainable Communities," by Carl Anthony [1787] See full text.

November/December 2000

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September/October 2000

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  • "Race, Poverty and Social Security: Racing the Social Security Debate," by john a. powell [1799] See full text.

July/August 2000

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  • "The Outcomes of Welfare Reform for Women," by Barbara Gault & Annisah Um'rani [1796] See full text.

  • "Welfare Reform and Racial/Ethnic Minorities: The Questions to Ask," by Steve Savner [1797] See full text.

May/June 2000

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  • "Race, Poverty and Globalization," by S. P. Udayakumar & john a. powell [1805] See full text.

March/April 2000

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September/October 1999

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  • "Not the Rich, More Than the Poor: Poverty, Race, and Campaign Finance Reform," by John C. Bonifaz [1840] See full text.

July/August 1999

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  • "Poverty, Race and the Y2K Problem," by Margaret Anderson [1845] See full text.

  • "Poverty, Race, and the Two-Tiered Financial Services System," by Robert D. Manning [1844] See full text.

January/February 1999

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  • "Race, Poverty and the Militarized Welfare State," by Bristow Hardin [1862] See full text.

July/August 1998

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  • "Race, Poverty & The Year 2000 Census," by Julia Burgess [1876] See full text.

May/June 1998

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  • "Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students, In the Short Term? In the Long Term?," by Sheryl Denbo & Byron Williams [3885] See full text.

March/April 1998

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January/February 1998

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September/October 1997

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  • "Race, Poverty and the Internet: Using Hi-Tech to Build Community," by Michael Tanzer [3388] See full text.

July/August 1997

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  • "Matt Keller, lobbyist for Common Cause," by Matt Keller [3285] See full text.

November/December 1996

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  • "Growing Poverty in a Growing Economy," by Jared Bernstein [4163] See full text.

January/February 1996

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  • "Building a Movement for a Living Wage," by Madeline Janis-Aparicio, Steve Cancian & Gary Phillips [3673] See full text.

July/August 1995

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  • "Putting Equality Back on the American Agenda," by S. M. Miller & Charles Collins [4814] See full text.

  • "Sanders v. HUD: A Mufti-Faceted Remedy for Housing Segregation," by Thomas J. Henderson & Stacy E. Seicshnaydre [4813] See full text.

May/June 1995

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  • "Living on the Edge: Doubled-up Families in America" [4572] See full text.

March/April 1995

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  • "Latino Immigrants in Los Angeles: A Portrait from the 1990 Census," by Paul Ong & Abel Valenzuela, Jr. [4343] See full text.

January/February 1995

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  • "Domestic Violence and Welfare Reform," by Jody Raphael [4237] See full text.

May/June 1994

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  • "Triple Jeopardy: Disability, Race and Poverty in America" [5255] See full text.

March/April 1994

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  • "Race, Poverty and Sustainable Communities," by Catherine Lerza [5188] See full text.

November/December 1993

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  • "IS RACISM PERMANENT? A Symposium," by Paul Ong [5901] See full text.

  • "The Crisis of South-Central Los Angeles," by Allen J. Scott [5906] See full text.

July/August 1993

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  • "Metropolitan America and Racism," by John O. Calmore [5810] See full text.

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