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Articles - Civil Rights History

July-September 2016

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  • "Memphis 50 Years Since King: The Unfinished Agenda," by David H. Ciscel & Michael Honey [15163] See full text.

  • "Film Review: Love and Solidarity: James Lawson & Nonviolence in the Search for Workers’ Rights," by Tyler Barbarin [15165] See full text.

September/October 2014

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  • "PRRAC at 25: Florence Wagman Roisman," by Florence Roisman [15045] See full text.

  • "PRRAC at 25: John Charles Boger," by John Charles Boger [14961] See full text.

July/August 2014

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  • "Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964," by Derek W. Black [14958] See full text.

July/August 2013

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  • "The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, August, 2013" [14146] See full text.

January/February 2013

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  • "A Civil Right to Organize," by Richard D. Kahlenberg & Moshe Z. Marvit [13897] See full text.

  • "Commentaries on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Kahlenberg & Marvit Respond" [13901] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Larry Cohen" [13902] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Leo W. Gerard" [13903] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Randi Weingarten" [13904] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Ross Eisenbrey" [13905] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Sheryll Cashin" [13906] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Julius Getman" [13900] See full text.

  • "Commentary on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article: Theodore M. Shaw" [13907] See full text.

November/December 2011

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  • "Building a National Museum," by Lonnie G Bunch, III [13250] See full text.

July/August 2010

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  • "SNCC—the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee—Gathers 50 Years After It Started: A Report on the Reunion," by Mike Miller [12373] See full text.

  • "William Taylor, 1931-2010" [12375] See full text.

May/June 2010

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  • "Exploring the Parallels Between the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and the African Liberation Movement," by James Pope [12371] See full text.

January/February 2009

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  • "Baynard Rustin and the Civil Rights Movement," by Daniel Levine [11360] See full text.

November/December 2008

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  • "Joint Resolution of Apology to Native People," by John Dossett [11353] See full text.

September/October 2008

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July/August 2008

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  • "The Kerner Commission: Remembering, Forgetting and Truth-Telling," by Bruce R. Thomas [11269] See full text.

May/June 2008

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  • "Great Cause for Optimism," by Wade Henderson [11261] See full text.

  • "Tax Aversion: The Sequel" [11267] See full text.

  • "The Worst Massacre of Blacks by Whites in U.S. History - And the Lessons It Teaches Today," by Charles Lane [11262] See full text.

March/April 2008

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  • "A More Than Modest Proposal," by Wendy Puriefoy [11254] See full text.

  • "An Excellent Idea," by Richard D. Kahlenberg [11255] See full text.

  • "An Important Step," by William L. Taylor [11253] See full text.

  • "Human Rights and the Demolition of Public Housing in New Orleans" [11258] See full text.

  • "It Might Actually Work," by Pedro Noguera [11251] See full text.

  • "Report from Geneva: U.N. Committee Reviews U.S. Record on Race," by Philip Tegeler [11257] See full text.

  • "Rewarding Students by Nudging Adults," by Jenice L. View [11256] See full text.

  • "Some Possible Changes, Critics and Cautions," by john powell [11252] See full text.

  • "Tax Aversion: The Legacy of Slavery," by Robin Einhorn [11250] See full text.

March/April 2007

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November/December 2006

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  • "Race vis-a-vis Class in the U.S.?," by john a. powell & Stephen Menendian [10192] See full text.

September/October 2006

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  • "Race, Poverty and Oral History," by Alan H. Stein & Gene B. Preuss [10185] See full text.

July/August 2006

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May/June 2006

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March/April 2006

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  • "When Affirmative Action Was White," by Ira Katznelson [9751] See full text.

January/February 2006

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  • "Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro, North Carolina: A Paradigm for Social Transformation," by Signe Waller & Marty Nathan, MD [9755] See full text.

November/December 2005

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November/December 2004

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  • "From Slave Republic to Constitutional Democracy: The Continuing Struggle for the Right to Vote," by Jamin Raskin [9331] See full text.

September/October 2004

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  • "What Works: A Fifty Year Retrospective," by David Barton Smith [9318] See full text.

July/August 2004

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  • "Remembrance and Change in Neshoba County," by James W. Loewen [9316] See full text.

May/June 2004

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November/December 2002

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  • "Eliminating the Slave Health Deficit: Using Reparations to Repair Black Health," by Vernillia Randall [7801] See full text.

  • "Organizing for Reparations: Lessons from the Holocaust," by Marc Masurovsky [7800] See full text.

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