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Grants Available - Job Opportunities / Fellowships / Grants

March/April 2014

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  • The Lisa Kernen Justice Fellowship is accepting applics. by April 7. Recipient must be located in SF May 1-July 31. Inf. from Ellen Shaffer, 415/922-6204, [14579]

March/April 2012

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  • ATD Fourth World Movement offers 3-month, hands-on internships to introduce interns to their work and approach -- they work with people experiencing situations of persistent poverty in partnership with individuals from all walks of life and communities. They also support a local and/or national ATD FW team. Inf. at [13362]

March/April 2011

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  • The 2011 David Carliner Public Interest Award from the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy is open for nominations. Cash prize of $10,000. Must be law grad betw. 5/99 and 5/04; receive an annual salary of $110,00 or less. Advisory panel includes Nan Aron, William Fletcher, Wade Henderon, Patricia Wald et al. Application deadline: 6pm EST, March 14, 2011. Submit to For forms/questions, 202/393-6181. [12476]

March/April 2010

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  • The Akonadi Foundation has put out a Request for Proposals call for its Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities Initiative. March 30 submission deadline. Inf. at guidelines, [11866]

September/October 2009

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  • The Open Society Institute has issued an RFP directed at state-bsed advocates working to ensure transparencym equity and accountability in the allocation of federal stimulus dollars in 9 states: NY, CA, TX, MS, NC, WI, LA, FL, CO. Proposals due by Oct. 8. Inf. from Helena Huang, [11621]

July/August 2009

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  • Community Health Reporting Grants Grants of $2,500-10,000 to as many as 10 print, broadcast and new media journalists will be awarded (in 2010 and 2011 as well). July 22 deadlie. Inf. from Martha Shirk at 213/437-4439, [11556]

January/February 2008

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  • The Academy for Educational Development's New Voices Fellowship Program is accepting applications for its 2008 awards, to organizations and their prospective Fellows "addressing needs, solving problems, and defending human rights related to the impact on the Gulf Coast of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita." Applications (due Jan. 21 -- if this issue arrives too late, see if they will relent) from [10718]

January/February 2004

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November/December 2003

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September/October 2003

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  • Scholars in Health Disparities: The Kellogg Fdn. & the Ctr. for the Advancement of Health are recruiting post-doctoral investigators from a range of disciplines to examine the causes and consider policy solutions to health disparities in race/ethnicity & socioeconomic status. One-year stipends of up to $52,000 (plus research budget) are available, with a 2nd year option. Applic. deadline is Feb. 16, 2004. Inf. from, [7978]

March/April 2003

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  • Nonprofit Sector Research Fund Wm. Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students is a summer internship program. sponsored by the Aspen Inst. Grants are $2500-5000, applic. must be recd. by March 14, 2003. Inf. from Jill Blackford, Aspen Inst., One Dupont Circ., #700, Wash., DC 20036, 202/736-5800, [7516]

January/February 2003

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  • Direct Action & Research Training has a paid entry-level training program for community organizers. Starts June 2003. Inf. from DART, 785/841-2680,, [7348]

  • The Petra Foundation is making its 2003 Petra Fellow awards, "recognizing, encouraging & supporting unsung heroes advancing human & civil rights." Nominations due Feb. 10. The Fdn. is at 315 Duke Ellington Blvd., #16C, NYC, NY 10025, 212/665-6673,, [7352]

November/December 2002

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  • Race, Rights & Resources in the Americas is the 2003-04 Rockefeller Postdoctoral Residency Program, this round emphasizing US-Mexico borderlands. Jan. 24, 2003 deadline. Inf. from Ctr. for Mexican Amer. Studies, 1 Univ. Sta.F9200, Univ. TX, Austin, TX 78712, 512/475-6973,, [7229]

  • The Alston/Bannerman Fellowship Program makes 10 $15,000 awards each year to permit long-time activists of color to take sabbaticals for 3 mos. or more. Dec. 2 (postmark) deadline. Inf. from the Program, 1627 Lancaster St., Baltimore, MD 21231-3425, 410/327-6220,, [7272]

  • The Very Best in Youth Program sponsored by Nestle & Reading Is Fundamental, invites applicants for their 2003 awards (see the report on 2001 winners in "FamiliesWomen/Children" section above); Nov. 29 deadline. Inf. at [7188]

May/June 2002

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  • The Annie E. Casey Fdn. 2003 Children & Family Fellowship seeks nominations. Due May 10. Inf. from 800/222-1099, x2928, [5606]

January/February 2002

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  • ACLU of Illinois Fellowships: Racial Justice Project & Civil Liberties: Resume, ltr., list of refs, legal writing sample by Jan. 15 to ACLU of Illinois, 180 N. Michigan Ave., #2300, Chicago, IL 60601, 312/201-9740. [4061]

  • Environmental Justice Grants are available from EPA to community nonprofits & tribes. Feb. 21, 2002 deadline. Contact Sheila Lewis, 202/564-0152, [4091]

  • Environmental Justice: Partnerships to Address Ethical Challenges in Environmental Health is a grant program of the Natl. Inst. of Env. Health Sciences. Letter of intent deadline Feb. 25, 2002. Inf. at [4083]

  • Natl. Network of Grantmakers Directory is available at a 50% discount: $25. NNG is the organization of progressive, social change-oriented grantmakers. 1717 Kettner Blvd., #110, San Diego, CA 92101, 619/231-1348,, [4085]

  • Sydney S. Spivack Comm. Action Research Initiative enables sociologists to undertake comm. action projects that bring social science knowledge, methods & expertise to bear in addressing community-identified issues & concerns. Applics. accepted until Feb. 1, 2002. Contact Amer. Sociol. Assn., 1307 NY Ave. NW, #700, Wash., DC 20005, [4089]

  • The Cultural Heritage & Educ. Inst. a small Native-led nonprofit, has available an Alaska internship. Applic. deadline March 15, 2002; [4152]

  • The State Strategies Fund supports state-based strategies to increase civic participation in political life, empower disadvantaged constituencies & promote political reform. Inf. from them at 264 N. Pleasant St., 2nd flr., Amherst, MA 01002, 413/256-0349. [4219]

November/December 2001

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  • Postdoctoral & Visiting Scholar Fellowships in Asian Amer. & Ethnic Studies are available at UCLA. Application deadline: Dec. 31, 2001. Inf. from website or contact Dennis Arguelles, UCLA Asian Amer. Studies Ctr., 3230 Campbell Hall, PO Box 951546, LA, CA 90095-1546, 310/825-2974. [2360]

  • The Charles Bannerman Memorial Fellowship Program supports social chance organizing by annually giving 10 long-time activists of color the rare chance to step back, reflect & eneregize for the struggles to come, via paid sabbaticals of 3 mos. or more. Applics. must be postmarked by Dec. 1, 2001; contact the program, 1627 Lancaster St., Baltimore, MD 21231, 410/327-6220, [2358]

September/October 2001

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  • Jobs & Living Wages for the Poor is the current grant program of the Discount Fdn. Send 1-page inf. ltr to the Fdn., 6712 Tildenwood Ln., Rockville, MD 20852-4320, 301/468-1288, by Jan. 11, 20002. [737]

March/April 2001

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  • International Hunger Fellows Prog. The Congressional Hunger Ctr. is expanding its Natl. Hunger Fellows Prog. (which has provided 2 Fellows to PRRAC to date) to the internatl. arena. Fellows will spend 1 yr. in a developing country, 1 yr. in DC on internatl. hunger/poverty policies. 10 Fellows will be selected for the 2001-03 program. April 15 application deadline. 202/547-7022, x11 for inf. (April 15, 2001) [568]

  • The Impact Fund provides funding & t.a. for complex public interest litigation in the areas of civil & human rights, env. justice & poverty law. Grants up to $25,000 cover out-of-pocket costs & expenses of substantial class action & impact cases. 1-2 page letter to Brad Seligman at the Fund, 125 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94710-1616, 510/845-3473, [567]

September/October 2000

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  • Environmental Leadership Program Fellowships 30 are awarded annually, “training and supporting a new generation of environmental leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds, disciplines & sectors.” It’s a 3-year program to support and complement concurrent employment. Oct. 2 deadline. ELPW, PO Box 446, Haydenville, MA 01039, 413/268-0035, [851]

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