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Articles - Housing

October-December 2016

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  • "Reflections on Gautreaux at 50," by Alexander Polikoff [15175] See full text.

July-September 2016

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  • "Double Disadvantage: Rising Income Segregation in Children’s Neighborhoods and Schools," by Ann Owens [15164] See full text.

  • "PRRAC launches “Mobility Works”" [15167] See full text.

April-June 2016

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  • "Postindustrial Cities and Urban Inequality," by Tracy Neumann [15161] See full text.

  • "The FHA Scandal in Philadelphia and the Lessons of Federal Intervention in the Inner-City Housing Market (1967-72)," by Zane Curtis-Olsen [15159] See full text.

January-March 2016

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  • "The Problem We All Live With: A Speech at HUD in the Shadow of Baltimore," by Sherillyn Ifill [15115] See full text.

September/October 2015

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  • "False Choices in Fair Housing Policy," by John Henneberger [15036] See full text.

  • "Inclusive Communities Financial Institutions: Investing in a More Ambitious Vision for the Future," by Elizabeth K. Julian [15035] See full text.

  • "Public Housing Agency Deregulation Poses Major Risks for Housing Mobility," by Will Fischer & Barbara Sard [15038] See full text.

July/August 2015

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  • "Disparate Impact Upheld" [15074] See full text.

  • "Diverse Neighborhoods: The (mis)Match Between Attitudes and Actions," by Maria Krysan, Esther Havekes & Michael D. M. Bader [15075] See full text.

  • "Housing Mobility: Why Is It So Controversial?," by Alexander Polikoff [15073] See full text.

  • "Regional Housing Mobility and Interdistrict School Integration: What We Know and What We Need to Do" [15070] See full text.

May/June 2015

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  • "Is Transit-Oriented Development Offering Access to Opportunity?," by Miriam Zuk [15056] See full text.

March/April 2015

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  • "Section 8 in the Suburbs: The Milwaukee County Security Deposit Assistance Program as an Incentive," by Peter Rosenblatt [15054] See full text.

January/February 2015

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  • "Reverse Selection: Landlords and the Sorting of HCV Renters," by Eva Rosen [15052] See full text.

November/December 2014

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  • "Ferguson: Nobody Should Be Surprised," by Gregory D. Squires [15047] See full text.

  • "Is the HOME Program Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing?," by Ebony Gayles & Silva Mathema [15050] See full text.

  • "“Nowhere to live safe”: Moving to Peace and Safety," by Barbara Samuels [15046] See full text.

May/June 2014

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  • "Community-Driven Exclusion Mapping: Examining the Discriminatory Impacts of Housing Segregation Across Urban, Rural, and Suburban Geographies," by Peter Gilbert [14950] See full text.

  • "A Blueprint for Opportunity: A Look Back at HUD’s Regional Housing Mobility Program," by Megan Haberle [14949] See full text.

January/February 2014

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  • "Beyond Bricks and Mortar: South Africa’s Low-Cost Housing Program 18 Years after Democracy," by Caroline Wanjiku Kihato [14518] See full text.

  • "From the Class Action Fairness Hearing in Thompson et al. v. HUD: Declarations of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Ms. Michelle Green, Ms. Nicole Smith and Ms. Carmen Thompson" [14520] See full text.

November/December 2013

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  • "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Considerations for the New Geography of Poverty," by Alan Berube & Natalie Holmes [14512] See full text.

  • "Diverse Suburbs and Civil Rights," by Myron Orfield & Thomas Luce [14511] See full text.

  • "“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” in Older, Diverse Suburbs" [14510] See full text.

September/October 2013

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  • "Housing Mobility as a “Durable Urban Policy”," by Alexander Polikoff [14506] See full text.

  • "Making Wrong Right: The Search for a Durable Urban Policy," by Elizabeth Julian [14505] See full text.

  • "Not the Only Explanations," by Herbert J. Gans [14507] See full text.

  • "“Ground Truths” about Housing Discrimination," by Fred Freiberg [14508] See full text.

July/August 2013

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  • "Place Matters Even More than We Thought: New Insights on the Persistence of Racial Inequality," by Margery Austin Turner [14145] See full text.

January/February 2013

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  • "Beyond Bricks and Mortar: South Africa’s Low-Cost Housing Program 18 Years after Democracy," by Caroline Wanjiku Kihato [13899] See full text.

  • "From the Class Action Fairness Hearing in Thompson et al. v. HUD: Declarations of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Ms. Michelle Green, Ms. Nicole Smith and Ms. Carmen Thompson" [13898] See full text.

November/December 2012

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  • "From Urban Renewal and Displacement to Economic Inclusion: San Francisco Affordable Housing Policy, 1978-2012," by Marcia Rosen & Wendy Sullivan [13893] See full text.

May/June 2012

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  • "Lessons from Mount Laurel: The Benefits of Affordable Housing for All Concerned" [13429] See full text.

March/April 2012

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  • "Causa Justa :: Just Cause: Multi-Racial Movement-Building for Housing Rights," by Maria Poblet & Dawn Phillips [13874] See full text.

September/October 2010

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July/August 2010

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  • "The “Housing + Transportation Index” and Fair Housing," by Philip Tegeler & Hanna Chouest [12378] See full text.

March/April 2010

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  • "HUD Makes Critical Race Data Available for Housing Programs" [12366] See full text.

November/December 2009

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  • "Now What? Some Key Trends Coming Out of the Mortgage Crisis and Implications for Policy," by Daniel Immergluck (11/1/2009) [12356] See full text.

  • "Regional Housing Mobility: A Report from Baltimore," by Lora Engdahl & Philip Tegeler [12314] See full text.

September/October 2009

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July/August 2009

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  • "Building One America: a National Summit on Regional Opportunity" [11767] See full text.

  • "HUD-Assisted Low-Income Housing: Is It Working and for Whom?," by Elizabeth Julian & Michael M. Daniel [11760] See full text.

  • "Race and Real Estate," by Beryl Satter [11758] See full text.

May/June 2009

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  • "Annual Surveys of Housing Discrimination and Affordability" [11756] See full text.

  • "Victory for Farmworkers in California Mobile Home Park," by Arturo Rodriguez & Ilene J. Jacobs [11757] See full text.

January/February 2009

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  • ""The Goal of Inclusive, Diverse Communities": Introduction to the final report of the National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity" [11363] See full text.

November/December 2008

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  • "From "Adverse Uses" to "Moral Hazards"," by William L. Taylor [11349] See full text.

  • "Health Care and Indigenous Peoples* in the United States," by Michael Yellow Bird [11354] See full text.

  • "Housing America's Native People," by Wendy Helgemo [11351] See full text.

  • "Scapegoating Blacks for the Economic Crisis," by Gregory D. Squires [11348] See full text.

  • "The Cobell Trust Land Lawsuit," by Justin Guilder [11350] See full text.

  • "Tribal Self-Government in the United States," by John Dossett [11352] See full text.

September/October 2008

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  • "Confronting Racial "Blind Spots"," by Maria Krysan [11275] See full text.

  • "Supporting Integrative Choices," by Ingrid Gould Ellen [11273] See full text.

  • "Who Will Live Near Whom?," by Camille Zubrinsky Charles [11272] See full text.

July/August 2008

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  • "Renters and the Housing Credit Crisis," by Danilo Pelletiere & Keith Wardrip [11271] See full text.

January/February 2008

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  • "Public Housing Redevelopment: Balancing the Right to Return and the Right to Expanded Housing Opportunities" [11248] See full text.

September/October 2007

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  • "In Search of a Just Public Housing Policy Post-Katrina," by Stacy E. Seicshnaydre [10650] See full text.

July/August 2007

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  • "The Seattle/Louisville Decision and the Future of Race-Conscious Programs," by Philip Tegeler [10539] See full text.

May/June 2007

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  • "Affirmative Furthering of Fair Housing: The 21st Century Challenge," by Rob Breymaier [10536] See full text.

  • "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Impact of Subprime Foreclosures on African-American and Latino Communities," by Delvin Davis [10533] See full text.

  • "Race, Wealth and the Commons," by Dedrick Muhammad & Chuck Collins [10534] See full text.

  • "Structural Racism: Focusing on the Cause," by Cliff Schrupp [10535] See full text.

March/April 2007

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  • "New Paths for Action Against Racism and Poverty in the United States and All Its Territories," by Ann Fagan Ginger [10525] See full text.

January/February 2007

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November/December 2006

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  • "Excerpts from Supreme Court Briefs" [10193] See full text.

  • "Katrina and the Second Disaster: A Twenty-Point Plan to Destroy Black New Orleans," by Robert D. Bullard [10194] See full text.

  • "Structural Racism and Rebuilding New Orleans," by Maya Wiley [10191] See full text.

  • "Why Structural Racism? Why a Structural Racism Caucus?," by Anne C. Kubisch [10187] See full text.

September/October 2006

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  • "Girls in the 'Hood: Evidence on the Impact of Safety," by Susan J. Popkin, Tama Leventhal & Gretchen Weismann [10186] See full text.

July/August 2006

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  • "Family Housing Opportunities in the LIHTC Program" [10197] See full text.

  • "Housing is the Foundation of HIV Prevention and Treatment," by Virginia Shubert & Hilary Botein [10196] See full text.

May/June 2006

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March/April 2006

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  • "When Affirmative Action Was White," by Ira Katznelson [9751] See full text.

January/February 2006

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  • "Discrimination Against Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program: An Enforcement Strategy," by Isabelle M. Thabault & Eliza T. Platts-Mills [9757] See full text.

  • "Opportunity and the Automobile," by Margy Waller [9756] See full text.

November/December 2005

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May/June 2005

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  • "The Power and Limits of Space: New Directions for Housing Mobility and Research on Neighborhoods," by Xavier de Souza Briggs [9437] See full text.

March/April 2005

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  • "Minority Exclusion in Small Town America," by James H. Johnson, Jr., Ann Moss Joyner & Allan Parnell [9432] See full text.

  • "Polikoff Responds" [9434] See full text.

  • "Victory in Baltimore Public Housing Desegregation Case," by Philip Tegeler [9435] See full text.

January/February 2005

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  • "Getting the Politics Right on a National Gautreaux Program," by Sheryll Cashin [9350] See full text.

  • "Inclusionary Zoning - Gautreaux by Another Pathway," by David Rusk [9347] See full text.

  • "Making a Nationwide Gautreaux Program More "Neighborhood Friendly"," by George Galster [9345] See full text.

  • "Needed Element: Laws Prohibiting Source of Income Discrimination," by Libby Perl [9346] See full text.

  • "Predatory Lending: Undermining Economic Progress in Communities of Color," by Mike Calhoun & Nikitra Bailey [9349] See full text.

  • "The CLT Model: A Tool for Permanently Affordable Housing and Wealth Generation," by Gus Newport [9348] See full text.

  • "The Conflict Behind Our Racial Conflict," by Paul L. Wachtel [9342] See full text.

  • "We Must Acknowledge How Poor People Life," by Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh [9344] See full text.

  • "Why Housing Mobility? The Research Evidence Today," by Margery Austin Turner [9341] See full text.

November/December 2004

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  • "Racial Inequality and the Black Ghetto," by Alexander Polikoff [9330] See full text.

September/October 2004

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July/August 2004

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  • "Healthy Homes," by Julia Burgess [9314] See full text.

  • "Racial Disparities in Housing and Health," by Dolores Acevedo-Garcia & Theresa L. Osypuk [9313] See full text.

  • "Some Lessons from Brown for the Fair Housing Movement," by Philip Tegeler [9315] See full text.

May/June 2004

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March/April 2004

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  • "A Racial Equity and Opportunity Agenda for Metro Boston," by Nancy McArdle [9306] See full text.

November/December 2002

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  • "Race, Poverty and Homeowner Insurance," by Gregory D. Squires [7802] See full text.

January/February 2002

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  • "Director's Report - The National Low Income Housing Coalition," by Sheila Crowley [7777] See full text.

September/October 1999

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  • "Monitoring Housing Desegregation Litigation Settlements," by Philip Tegeler & Shelley White [1843] See full text.

July/August 1995

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  • "Creating a Nondiscriminatory Section 8 Allocation System," by Barbara Sard [4815] See full text.

  • "Sanders v. HUD: A Mufti-Faceted Remedy for Housing Segregation," by Thomas J. Henderson & Stacy E. Seicshnaydre [4813] See full text.

May/June 1995

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  • "Living on the Edge: Doubled-up Families in America" [4572] See full text.

March/April 1994

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  • "Poor Families and Poor Housing: Virginia's Private, Unassisted Market," by C. Theodore Koebel [5185] See full text.

  • "The National Fair Housing Summit," by Ellen Pader [5190] See full text.

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