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Current PRRAC Projects - Race / Racism

July/August 2015

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  • America Healing Organizations Applaud Release of HUD’s New Fair Housing Rule [14942] See full text.

September/October 2007

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  • CERD Working Group on Housing Segregation and Discrimination in the U.S. [10461] See full text.

  • Connecting Families with Opportunity: A Series of Research Forums [10458] See full text.

  • Open Communities Alliance et al v. Carson [15186] See full text.

  • Background Materials for July 18, 2005 Meeting at the U.N.C. Center for Civil Rights [9510] See full text.

  • Building Opportunity II: A Fair Housing Assessment of State Low Income Housing Tax Credit plans (May 2015) [14899] See full text.

  • Current Projects [13865] See full text.

  • Education [13867] See full text.

  • Maping the displaced families of New Orleans: a research agenda Meeting at PRRAC, Friday, March 31, 2006 [9818] See full text.

  • Maryland Maps [9512] See full text.

  • North Carolina Maps [9513] See full text.

  • Philadelphia Regional Housing Campaign [13868] See full text.

  • Please help support PRRAC’s fall fundraising campaign! [15032] See full text.

  • Reparations [11346] See full text.

  • Selected responses to HUD Notice on “Reducing Regulatory Burden; Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda” (June 2017) [15183] See full text.

  • “Take a Chance on Me”: A Review of the Milwaukee County HOME Security Deposit Assistance Program [14797] See full text.

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