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Advocacy Updates - Race / Racism

January/February 1999

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November/December 1998

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March/April 1998

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May/June 1997

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March/April 1997

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January/February 1997

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September/October 1996

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May/June 1996

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September/October 1995

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  • "1990 Chicago Native American Demographic Profile" is available ($15+ s/h) from AIEDA, 312/784-0808. [4824]

  • "Nurturing Young Black Males: Programs That Work " (24 pp.) and "Guiding Boys through the Transition to Adulthood: The Role & Potential of Mentoring" (15 pp.) are available (no price listed) from The Urban Inst., 2100 M St NW, Wash, DC 20037, 202/857-8687. Both are drawn from Nurturing Young Black Males: Challenges to Agencies, Programs & Social Policy, ed. Ronald B. Mincy (a former member of PRRAC's Social Science Advisory Board). [4823]

  • More on The Bell Curve. A set of 5 responses to the book (from Alex Molnar, Reuven Feuertstein/ Alex Kozulin, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Walter Farell. Jr./ James Johnson, Jr./Marty Sapp/Cloyelle Jones & Barbara Miner), from the April 1995 issue of Educational Leadership, is available from us with a SASE (7840: Also available from us with a SASE: Henry Louis Gates Jr. & A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., "Hosting the Bell Curve," a column from the March 18, 1995 Boston Globe, their eloquent joint introduction to a Harvard JFK School forum featuring Charles Murray & Stephen Jay Gould. [4822]

July/August 1995

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  • "Bias Hits Hispanic Workers: Latino Labor Force in the US Is Losing Ground" was a feature in the April 27 NY limes, by Robert Hershey, Jr. Well send a copy with a SASE. [4820]

  • "Black Hole: Why Isn't the Black Community Producing Leaders Worth Following," by Jonetta Rose Barras, is an interesting feature from the May 19-25, 1995 City Paper (DC's freebie weekly). While it focuses mainly on DC government and institutions (such as Howard Univ.), it also has a broader focus, with comments by such good thinkers as Cornel West, Manning Marable, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Charles Cobb & Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich. Yours with a SASE (554). [4821]

  • "Racial Ideology in US Mainstream News Magazine coverage of Black-Latino Interaction, 1980-92," by Hemant Shah & Michael Thornton, is a 21-page, 1994 article from Critical Studies in Mass Communication, dealing with the May 1991 Mt. Pleasant (Wash., DC) "rioting." Available (no price given) from Prof. Shah, Univ. Wisc. School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 5115 Vilas Communication Hall, 821 Univ. Ave., Madison, WI 53706,608/262-3690. [4825]

  • "Redskins" Controversy: In response to objections raised by 7 prominent Native Americans to federal registration, through the US Patent & Trademark Office, of the name "Sheboygan Redskins," NBA [Nertl. Basketball Assn.] Properties, Inc. has withdrawn its trademark application for clothing items. The same petitioners filed a legal action with PTO in 1992, seeking cancellation of the federal trademarks of Washington's professional football team; this petition-challenging the trademark as scandalous, immoral or disparaging matter in violation of Section 2(a), as required by the Trademark Act-is still in the discovery & deposition stage. In March 1994, the PTO's Trademark Trial & Appeals Board refused to dismiss the suit. More inf. from The Morning Star Inst., a national group for Native People's traditional & cultural rights & arts advocacy, 403 10th St SE, Wash., DC 20003, 202/547-5531. [4826]

  • 'African American Women & the Law: Exerting Our Power, Reclaiming Our Communities" was a conf., held June 15-18 in DC, sponsored by the Lawyers' Comm. for Civil Rights Under Law. Inf. from LCCR, 1450 G St NW, #400, Wash., DC 20005,202/662,8600. [4818]

  • American Mixed Race : The Culture of Microdiversity ed. Naomi Zack (420 pp., 1995), is available ($29.95) from Univ. Press of Amer., 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706,800/462-6420. [4819]

  • PRRAC Grantees' Advocacy Updates * [4816] See full text.

September/October 1994

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  • La Cooperativa Campesina de California researches disparities among migrant and seasonal farmworkers and advocates for their equal treatment. [5024] See full text.

  • Michigan League for Human Services has used its report findings a in a broad-based advocacy effort to educate communities about the potential effect of welfare "reforms" which make vulnerable populations less employable, and to prevent further reduction in welfare assistance programs in the state. [5022] See full text.

  • The Sentencing Project analyzes the differences among how types of offenses are disparately treated along race and class lines in order to work towards sentencing reform. [5023] See full text.

  • Women's State-Wide Legislative Network has undertaken research analyzing barriers to women in the labor market, the reasons behind single mothers' poverty, and poverty's effect on women and poor women of color. [5021] See full text.

July/August 1994

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  • Associated Pediatricians of Boston 818 Harrison Avenue
    Boston, MA 02118 (617)534-4233
    Contact: Alan Meyers [5316] See full text.

  • University of California, Los Angeles Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning 405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 310/825-4390 Contact: Paul Ong [5267] See full text.

  • Wider Opportunities for Women 1325 G Street NW, LL
    Washington, DC 20005 202/638-3143
    Contact: Diana Pearce [5317] See full text.

January/February 1994

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  • Taxicab Discrimination: Jews for Econ. & Racial Justice (64 Fulton St. #605, NYC, NY 10038,212/964-9210) is initiating a project, using matched testers, to document racial discrimination by NYC cab drivers. The project will be directed by Mitchell Karp, an attorney and anti-discrimination tester employed by the NYC Commn. on Human Rights. Documented discrimination evidence will be brought to the Commission and the Taxi & Limousine Commn. Testers (who will receive training) are needed [4933]

Not in any newsletter

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  • Associated Pediatricians of Boston 818 Harrison Avenue
    Boston, MA 02118 617/534-4233 Contact: Alan Meyers [5264] See full text.

  • Wider Opportunities for Women 1325 G Street NW, LL Washington, DC 20005 202/638-3143
    Contact: Diana Pearce [5265] See full text.

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