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Policy Briefs

  • The Need for a National Housing Mobility Infrastructure (March 2016) See full text. [15117]

  • PRRAC’s Analysis of NLIHC’s “Out of Reach 2013” Report (March 2013) See full text. [14455]

  • Policy Brief: The Moving to Work Demonstration (January 2011) See full text [13265]

  • The "Housing + Transportation Index" and Fair Housing (July 2010) See full text. [13264]

  • Perspectives on the New 2010 Poverty Data [13048] See full text.

  • A Civil Rights Response to “Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market” (August 2011) See full text. [13516]

  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing and Secondary Mortgage Market Reform: Making the Connection (June 2011) See full text. [12823]

  • The CERD Treaty and U.S. Civil Rights Law (June 2011) See full text. [13514]

  • Two Simple Changes to Improve Health Outcomes in the Section 8 Voucher Program (April 2011) See full text. [13515]

  • Innovation and the Federal Housing Budget (March 2011) See full text. [12673]

  • NCSD Issue Brief 1: Key Principles for ESEA Reauthorization (February 2011) See full text. [13518]

  • Fact sheet on the Choice Neighborhoods bill (September 2010) See full text. [12180]

  • PRRAC’s response to the U.S. Report to the U.N. Human Rights Council (August 2010) See full text. [12133]

  • A Prescription for a New Neighborhood? Housing Vouchers as a Public Health Intervention See full text. [12130]

  • NCSD Issue Brief 3: Recommendations for Choice Program Provisions in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (April 2010) See full text. [13520]

  • NCSD Issue Brief 2: Federally Funded Charter Schools Should Foster Diversity (March 2010) See full text. [13519]

  • Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing in HUD’s Affordable Housing Programs (December 22, 2009) See full text. [13517]

  • Reaffirming the Role of School Integration in K-12 Education Policy (NCSD, December 2009) See full text. [13521]

  • A National Opportunity Voucher Program (July 2009) See full text. [11578]

  • Compilation of advocacy resources on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 [11366] See full text.

  • Civil Rights Statement on HOPE VI Reauthorization (January, 2008) See full text. [10753]

  • The Section 8 Program and Access to Opportunity: An Agenda for Policy Reform (March, 2007) See full text. [10452]

  • Civil Rights Implications of the 2005 Flexible Voucher Bill (April, 2005) See full text. [9339]

  • Protecting Housing Mobility in the Section 8 Program (February, 2005) [9337] See full text.

  • PRRAC critiques HUD guidance to Public Housing Agencies on Mobility (August, 2004) Letter to HUD See Full Text. [9013]

  • Civil Rights Mandates in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program (March, 2004) Letter to the I.R.S See full text. [8632]

  • Civil Rights Rollback Glossary (March, 2004) Compiled by the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights [8608] See full text.

  • Testimony of PRRAC and The Inclusive Communities Project on the Community Reinvestment Act See full text. [10646]

  • Statement of Principles on the Reauthorization of the HOPE VI Public Housing Revitalization Program See full text. [10647]

  • PRRAC and Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights SEVRA Letter and Attachment See full text. [10648]

  • "Duroville" U.S. vs. Duro Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and Order of Remedy [11415] See full text.

  • Accessing Opportunity: Affirmative Marketing and Tenant Selection in the LIHTC and Other Housing Programs (December 2012) [13706] See full text.

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