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Poverty & Race (ISSN 1075-3591), Megan Haberle, Editor, our 16-28 page bi-monthly newsletter journal, is a forum for communicating news and ideas, as well as regularly reporting the results of PRRAC-sponsored research, the advocacy work that research has assisted and other relevant news. Each issue lists in the Resources Section recent reports and studies on race / poverty issues.

Print subscriptions to Poverty & Race are $25 per year, $45 for two years. Foreign postage $5 extra per year.

Bulk orders of Poverty & Race: Several organizations have arrangements with PRRAC to receive bulk orders (at a steep discount), which they then distribute to their affiliates, board members, staff. Contact our office by sending email to or calling 202/906-8023 to discuss such an arrangement.

Articles, article suggestions and general comments are welcome, as are notices of publications, conferences, job openings, etc. for our Resources Section. Articles generally may be reprinted, providing PRRAC gives advance permission. Send suggestions and comments to Megan Haberle,

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Lessons from Mount Laurel: The Benefits of Affordable Housing for All Concerned by Douglas S. Massey

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