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"Housing Quiz"

The Housing Quiz is part of the Race Literacy Quiz ran in the March/April P&R. It was developed by California Newsreel, in association with the Association of American Colleges and Universities. The myths and misconceptions it raises are explored in the 3-part documentary series, RACE – The Power of an Illusion, available on video and DVD from California Newsreel at or 1-877/811-7495. For more information and background, visit the companion website at 2004 issue of Poverty & Race

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1. Of the $120 billion in home loans underwritten by the federal government between 1933 and 1962, what percentage went to white homeowners?
  1. 45 percent
  2. 64 percent
  3. 75 percent
  4. 88 percent
  5. 98 percent

2. Which of the following is not a result of federal government policies?
  1. Redlining
  2. Urban renewal
  3. Deterioration of inner cities
  4. Affirmative action quotas
  5. The wealth gap between black and white families

3. Today, the net worth of the average white family is how much compared to the average black family?
  1. Three times as much
  2. Eight times as much
  3. Half as much
  4. Twice as much
  5. The same

4. When white and black families of similar incomes are compared, what is the difference in their net worth?
  1. No difference
  2. Black net worth is slightly greater
  3. White net worth is more than eight times greater
  4. White net worth is more than two times greater
  5. Black net worth is twice as great

5. According to a 1993 study, 86% of suburban whites lived in a community where the black population was:
  1. Less than 5%
  2. Less than 10%
  3. Less than 1%
  4. More than 10%
  5. More than 15%

6. Which is NOT an example of a government racial preference program?
  1. 1964 Civil Rights Act
  2. 1862 Homestead Act
  3. 1790 Naturalization Act
  4. 1934 Federal Housing Administration
  5. 1935 Social Security Act


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