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Academic Research on Housing

There are a huge number of academic journals that feature articles on housing issues. The easiest way to get free access to online copies of a journal article (whether the article is old or current) is through academic indexes/ research databases. Some common indexes/databases for the social sciences are: Web of Science (Social Science Citation Index), WilsonWeb, Academic Search (EBSCOhost), Current Contents, Social Science Research Network (SSRN), JSTOR, Project Muse, Ingenta, Minerva, Science Direct. These databases are also a good way to search for articles on a particular topic or by a particular author. If your organization does not subscribe to any of these databases, you might check with your local university.

Many journal articles are also available online through their publisher, although you may have to pay a fee for each article downloaded. Some of the most influential journals publishing housing research are listed below:

American Journal of Sociology

American Sociological Review

Cityscape (available free online)

Economic Geography

Housing Policy Debate

Housing Studies

International Journal of Urban and Regional Reserach

Journal of the American Planning Association

Journal of Economic Geography

Journal of Housing Economics

Journal of Housing Research

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Journal of Regional Science

Journal of Urban Affairs

Journal of Urban Economics

Real Estate Economics

Regional Science and Urban Economics

Social Forces

Social Science Quarterly

Urban Affairs Quarterly/Urban Affairs Review (name changed in 1994)

Urban Studies


Lawrence Bobo, Harvard University (Sociology/African and African-American Studies)
Bobo, Lawrence D., ed. “Race, Racism, and Discrimination.” Special Issue of Social Psychology Quarterly 66, 4 (December 2003).

Rachel Bratt, Tufts University (Urban Planning)
Bratt, Rachel. “Housing for Very Low-Income Households: The Record of President Clinton, 1993-2000.” Housing Studies 18, 4 (2003): 607-635.

Xavier de Souza Briggs, Harvard University (Public Policy)
Briggs, Xavier de Souza. "Housing Opportunity, Desegregation Strategy, and Policy Research." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 22, 2 (Winter 2003): 201-206.

Nancy Denton, SUNY-Albany (Sociology/Demography)
Denton, Nancy A. "The Role of Residential Segregation in Promoting and Maintaining Inequality in Wealth and Property." Indiana Law Review 34 (2001):1-13.

Ingrid Gould Ellen, New York University (Public Policy)
Ellen, Ingrid Gould. "Race-Based Neighborhood Projection: A Proposed Framework for Understanding New Data on Racial Integration." Urban Studies 37, 9 (2000).

George Galster, Wayne State University (Economics)
Galster, George. “An Economic Efficiency Analysis of Deconcentrating Poverty Populations.” Journal of Housing Economics 11, 4 (2002): 303-329.

Chester Hartman, PRRAC
Hartman, Chester, and David Robinson. “Evictions: The Hidden Housing Problem.” Housing Policy Debate 14, 4 (2003). Available from:

Langley Keyes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Urban Planning)
Keyes, Langley. "Housing and Social Capital.” In Social Capital and Poor Communities, edited by Susan Saegert et al. New York: Russell Sage Foundation Publications, 2001.

Jeffrey Kling, Princeton University (Economics)
Katz, Lawrence F., Jeffrey R. Kling, and Jeffrey B. Liebman. “Moving To Opportunity In Boston: Early Results of a Randomized Mobility Experiment.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 116, 2 (May 2001): 607-654.

Maria Krysan, University of Illinois at Chicago (Sociology)
Krysan, Maria. “Community Undesirability in Black and White: Examining Racial Residential Preferences Through Community Perceptions.” Social Problems 49 (2002).

Douglas Massey, Princeton University (Sociology)
Anderson, Elijah, and Douglas Massey, eds. Problem of the Century: Racial Stratification in the United States at Century's End. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2001.

Ceri Peach, Oxford University (Geography)
Peach, Ceri. “The Consequences of Segregation.” In Ethnicity and Housing: Accommodating Difference, edited by F.W. Boal. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, 2000.

Susan Popkin, Urban Institute
Popkin, Susan J., Bruce Katz, Mary K. Cunningham, Karen D. Brown, Jeremy Gustafson, and Margery A. Turner. A Decade of Hope VI: Research Findings and Policy Challenges. Washington, D.C.: The Urban Institute, 2004.

john a. powell, Ohio State University (Law)
powell, john a., Gavin Kearney and Vina Kay, eds. In Pursuit of a Dream Deferred: Linking Housing and Education Policies. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2001.

Florence Wagman Roisman, Indiana University (Law)
Roisman, Florence W. "Opening the Suburbs to Racial Integration: Lessons for the 21st Century." 23 Western New England L. Rev. 65 (2001).

James Rosenbaum, Northwestern University (Sociology)
Rubinowitz, Leonard S., and James Rosenbaum. Crossing the Class and Color Lines: From Public Housing to White Suburbia. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000.

Michael Schill, New York University (Law)
Schill, Michael, et al. “Revitalizing Inner City Neighborhoods: New York City's Ten Year Plan For Housing.” Housing Policy Debate 13, 3 (2002): 529-566.

Margery Austin Turner, Urban Institute
Turner, Margery Austin, et al. Housing in the Nation’s Capital 2003. Washington, DC: The Urban Institute, 2003. Available from

Lawrence Vale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Urban Planning)
Vale, Lawrence. Reclaiming Public Housing: A Half-Century of Struggles in Three Public Neighborhoods. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002.

Susan Wachter, University of Pennsylvania/Wharton (Economics)
Quercia, Roberto G., George W. McCarthy, and Susan M. Wachter. “The Impacts of Affordable Lending Efforts on Homeownership Rates.” Journal of Housing Economics 12, 1 (March 2003): 29-59.

John Yinger, Syracuse University (Economics/Public Policy)
Yinger, John, and W. Duncombe. "Alternative Paths to Property Tax Relief." In Property Taxation and Local Government Finance, edited by W.E. Oates. Cambridge: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2001.

If you are aware of recent research on housing, race and poverty that should be highlighted, please contact PRRAC so that it can be included on our website.

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