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"Symposium: Socioeconomic School Integration Part Two"

A further discussion of school integration issues.November/December 2001 issue of Poverty & Race

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The lead article in the Sept/Oct P&R by Richard D. Kahlenberg of The Century Foundation, presented an approach to racial integration of schools via a socioeconomic route. Gary Orfield, co-director of the Harvard Civil Rights Project, provided a critical commentary. Given the realistic pessimism about race-based remedies, it is worth exploring other avenues. For this issue, we asked a number of additional wiseheads and activists on race and education to react to Kahlenberg's idea. PRRAC Board members Theodore Shaw, john powell, Thomas Henderson and S.M. Miller, along with policy/media consultant Makani Themba, provide their comments, and the Symposium concludes with Kahlenberg's comments on the comments.


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