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"Symposium: Racial/Ethnic Categories Part One"

A discussion surrounding whether Racial/Ethnic categories matter in the United States, in many different arenas.November/December 1994 issue of Poverty & Race

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The July 25, 1994 New Yorker carried a very important article, by staff writer Lawrence Wright, titled "One Drop of Blood," discussing the meaning and utility of racial and ethnic categories, particularly as these are defined by the US government, as they are used in data collection efforts, and as carious advocacy groups view them. With Mr. Wright's permission, we present a considerably shortened, descriptive version of his essay, quoting from and paraphrasing it liberally (quotes not attributed to anyone else are Wright's). Those who want a complete copy of the 8-page Wright article whould send us a SASE.

Given the importance and topicality of this issue, we will present a Symposium on the subject in our January/February issue. Per our usual practice, we will be asking several social scientists and activists to submit their comments; and, again as usual, we will be happy to consider other, unsolicited commentaries from P&R readers.

"Racial/Ethnic Categories: Do They Matter?"

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