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"High Student Mobility/Classroom Turnover: How to Address It? How to Reduce It?"

May/June 2000 issue of Poverty & Race

PRRAC is convening a by-invitation working conference on June 16 at Howard Univ. Law School in Washington, D.C., to develop an advocacy and research agenda that will address the causes and impacts of high student mobility/classroom turnover in high poverty schools and farmworker areas. We will examine both the root causes that move students and their families around and the subsequent effects on their educational development as well as their social and emotional lives.

We will look at how schools and community supports can best mitigate the negative impact of high mobility rates; how housing policies can help reduce the extent of mobility and homelessness; how government programs (e.g., HOPE VI public housing reconstruction, foster care and child welfare services, welfare reform, etc.) inadvertently cause harm to families by requiring moves that disrupt children’s schooling; and what is the impact of accountability systems that do not “count” students who are not in the same school for the entire academic year.

The conference will bring together advocates and researchers from the education, housing and child welfare communities to achieve the following objectives:
• To present existing research on classroom turnover/student mobility with respect to the causes and the challenges of mobility and its impact on children’s development and opportunities to learn.

• To provide a forum for collaboration among researchers, education advocates, child and family advocates, housing advocates and educators on the issue of student mobility.

• To develop a research/advocacy agenda and strategies to address the challenges raised in the conference.

• To produce an online resource and a handbook, to be widely disseminated, providing strategies for reducing mobility and addressing the students’ and families’ needs created by high mobility rates.


If you have done or plan to do research and/or advocacy on this issue and are interested in participating in the conference, or for more information, please contact Sandra Paik at


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