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"Symposium: The Reparations Question Part Two"

A continuation of the discussion in the July/August 1994 issue about proposals for reparations to the black community for the injustices of slavery.September/October 1994 issue of Poverty & Race

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Our July/August issue had, as the lead article, an interview with economist Richard America, who has written about and advocated widely for reparations to the Black community for historical injustice and long-term disadvantaging effects of slavery. A supportive commentary by Congressman John Conyers (whose bill, H.R. 40, calls for a study of slavery's legacy and recommentation of remedies) and a "friendly dissent" by Temple Univ. sociologist Howard Winant accompanied the interview.

We asked a number of social scientists and activists to comment on the issues raised in these contributions, and also indicated we would consider unsolicited responses from readers. Such commentaries appear below.


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