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"Symposium: Is Integration Possible? Part One"

A discussion of whether integration is really possible in the United States.November/December 1999 issue of Poverty & Race

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This arguably is the biggest dilemma facing America's democracy. Recently, Leonard Steinhorn and Barbara Diggs-Brown, professors at American University's School of Communication - one African-American, one white, believing that "integration is an ideal both of us would prefer to see realized in our lifetimes" - produced a book laying out, in telling-it-like-it-is fashion, why real integration (as opposed to desegregation) just ain't gonna happen (By the Color of Our Skin: The Illusion of Integration and the Reality of Race, Dutton, 1999). We recommend reading their entire, well documented case. We've excerpted key sections (footnotes deleted) and asked a number of thinkers and activists (the two terms are not necessarily mutually exclusive) to provide comments.


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