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"Symposium: President Clinton's Race Initiative Part Two"

A continuation of the \"Advice to the Advisory Board\" of the President\'s Race Initiative began in the Nov/Dec 1997 issue.January/February 1998 issue of Poverty & Race

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We decided to do a second round of short "Advice to the Advisory Board" essays by folks who have something important to say to John Hope Franklin and his colleagues. (If you missed the first round - comments by Jonathan Kozol, Peter Edelman, Howard Zinn, S.M. Miller, Julian Bond, Marcus Raskin, Hugh Price, Peter Dreier, Manning Marable and the National Council of La Raza - send us a SASE with 55˘ postage, and we'll get them to you.) They are being transmitted to the seven members of the Advisory Board, key Initiative staff members, and the press. These items also are being posted on The Black World Today website (which has been nominated for a "Webbie" - the internet Oscar equivalent), along with other relevant items and a bulletin board; catch them at We expect to stay closly involved with this issue and help, in Frances Piven's words, "spark enough outrage and indignation so that the temper of the national dialogue rises and escapes Pres. Clinton's control." - CH


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