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"La Mujer Obrera/Centro Obrera"

May/June 1994 issue of Poverty & Race

P.O. Box 3975
El Paso, TX 79923 915/533-9710
Contact: Cindy Arnold

In interviews conducted among 31 immigrant Latina garment workers throughout El Paso, La Mujer Obre has documented working conditions the region's garment industry. The search has been conducted in conjunction with researchers at the University Texas, El Paso.

Detailing the working reality of Latina garment workers in as many as 120 factories, La Mujer Obrera has brought this information to the attention workers, community members and policy-makers in an attempt to build broad base for legislative reforms and changes in job training programs, immigration policy and community development. As part of the community education and organizing effort supported their research, La Mujer Obrera publishes a newsletter in Spanish and English, distributed to over 2,000 community-based organizations in Tex and around the country, and conducts workers' rights classes and direct o reach to garment workers outside sweatshops.

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