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Associated Pediatricians of Boston

818 Harrison Avenue

Boston, MA 02118 617/534-4233 Contact: Alan MeyersAlan Meyers has conducted research assessing the relationship between housing assistance and child nutrition. Preliminary findings indicate that children in poor households receiving a housing subsidy have lower rates of iron deficiency and better growth. Empirically, this suggests poor families who do not receive housing subsidies must reduce family food budgets to subsidize overall housing costs, leading to poorer nutrition among children in these households.

In conjunction with Greater Boston Legal Services-Homelessness Unit, Dr. Meyers has presented these preliminary findings in an affidavit in support of pending litigation intended to maintain d expand housing assistance programs specifically targeted for homeless families. In Mass. Coalition for the Homeless v. State Secretary of Human Services, set for trial June 1994 in Suffolk Superior Court, Dr. Meyers has provided an affidavit and will provide expert witness testimony on the incidence of iron deficiency and malnutrition among children in poor households where no housing subsidy or assistance is being received. Dr. Meyers' testimony and this litigation will provide further impetus to expand and strengthen housing assistance programs, especially for poor families with children.

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