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University of California, Los Angeles Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning

405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 310/825-4390 Contact: Paul OngJuly/August 1994 issue of Poverty & Race

Researchers at UCLA have completed two reports: "South Central Los Angeles: An Annotated Bibliography with Accompanying Statistics on Inner City Development" and "The Economic Base of South Central Los Angeles." The project emanated from a need to identify economic development issues in the aftermath of the Spring 1992 uprising in Los Angeles. Then reports found extensive poverty, unemployment and joblessness, a weak economic base, and a small multiplier effect due to a limited internal recycling of income in South Central. The research was used by the Asian Pacific Planning Council in development of the Liquor Store Conversion Project, which had been funded by the City of Los Angeles.

Along with the research, the project provided technical assistance to local community groups in the economic development area. Staff members of the Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment and the Korean Community Youth Center were trained to use Los Angeles County administrative records to trace real estate transactions and identify ownership of properties where liquor outlets were located. This information provided a base from which to consider conversion of business activity from liquor stores to other commercial activities. The project also analyzed and mapped commercial activities based on business licenses from the City of Los Angeles, and the findings were used to help plan and guide the activities of the Liquor Store Conversion Project. The reports are being distributes and used by the Los Angeles Human Rights Commission.

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