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California Coalition for Rual Housing Project

January/February 1996 issue of Poverty & Race

In November 1994, the California Coalition for Rural Housing Project (CCRHP) issued a report on inclusionary housing programs in California, funded by a joint PRRAC-Applied Research Center program. Entitled "Creating Affordable Communities: Inclusionary Housing Programs in California," the report examines inclusionary policies and ordinances throughout California and analyzes the structure, methods of implementation and results of each program.
"Inclusionary" is defined as a requirement or a voluntary goal imposed by a local government with the intent to reserve a specific percentage of housing units in new residential developments for lower-income households.

The report has been well received throughout the state and has also garnered some national attention. Close to 250 organizations and individuals from across the country have requested copies of the report, and inclusionary housing has become a topic for discussion in Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Washington, Oregon and North Carolina.

CCRHP has been asked to speak on the subject of inclusionary housing at the Lin-Benton Conference on Housing in Corvallis, Oregon, the North Carolina Fair Housing Summit in Durham, the Oregon Planning Institute in Eugene and the Urban Affairs Association's 26th Annual Meeting in New York.

One result of the report and CCRHP's follow-up has been creation of a task force on inclusionary housing in Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon. Composed of local realtors, developers, builders, city officials and housing advocates, this task force is working to design and implement an inclusionary program either at the city or county level, or both.

Because of the keen interest in the study, CCRHP is planning a statewide conference on inclusionary housing (tentatively scheduled for March 7-8 in Monterey, California). The conference will offer two tracks. The first, "How to Adopt an Inclusionary Housing Program," is for people in jurisdictions considering adoption of an inclusionary program or who are beginning to develop a program. The second, "How to Work With an Inclusionary Housing~ Program," is for those in jurisdictions already implementing inclusionary programs, to discuss technical and administrative issues. Two plenary sessions are also planned.

At the request of local government officials and affordable housing advocates, CCRHP, pending funding, will develop a manual or handbook on how to get an inclusionary housing program adopted in a local community.

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