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"Regional Housing Mobility and Interdistrict School Integration: What We Know and What We Need to Do"

July/August 2015 issue of Poverty & Race

In two major recent studies, Professor Raj Chetty and his colleagues found substantial increases in adult income levels and long-term educational attainments for children who move to and grow up in lower-poverty communities—especially where children stay in these neighborhoods for a substantial period of time.  This research builds on findings from the Moving to Opportunity research that had already found substantial health benefits for women and girls who move to low poverty neighborhoods.  It also builds on several decades of educational research demonstrating strong short- and long-term educational benefits for low-income children attending racially and economically integrated schools (see All of this research confirms what practitioners have long known, that relief from segregation isn’t just a right, it is also good for children. Accordingly, in this issue, we are not going to go over this ground again. Instead, we turn our attention to what needs to be done: what are the barriers standing in our way, and how can we make housing and school integration work in more of our segregated metropolitan areas?
— the editors

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