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"PRRAC’s Annual Appeal"

(11/1/2009) November/December 2009 issue of Poverty & Race

Dear friend of PRRAC,

What a year it has been! Change is happening fast and policy choices are being made that will profoundly affect the future of low-income families and children in our country.

Once again, the civil rights community has a chance to make a difference. As we anticipated, the opportunities for engagement with the new Administration on issues of race, poverty, housing and educational opportunity have expanded exponentially since Inauguration day—and we have been working hard to keep up. On multiple policy fronts, PRRAC has offered key technical analysis and has been instrumental in organizing advocacy campaigns. The challenge has been to keep race and poverty on the agenda in a crowded policy field, and in particular, to make sure that the racial impact of policy proposals is understood and accounted for.

A few highlights of our recent work:
  • A new civil rights task force on federal housing policy,” which we helped to organize, has followed up on the recommendations of last year’s National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity with a series of detailed recommendations on federal housing policy and the economic stimulus (see

  • We have also joined in an emerging national coalition on school diversity, focused on the U.S. Department of Education’s obligation to support racial and economic integration in public schools in its education spending programs (including hundreds of millions of dollars in the economic stimulus)

  • Our work continues in Hartford and Baltimore, supporting important organizing efforts on regional housing opportunity and integrated schools.

  • This year’s Small Grants program in Seattle-King County is linking together local researchers with a dozen different advocacy and organizing groups to address emerging race and poverty issues.

PRRAC has also been active in publishing and disseminating the latest research on housing, education and health issues affecting poor people of color—in addition to our regular bi-monthly journal/newsletter Poverty & Race, we published several new policy reports this year, including New Homes, New Neighborhoods, New Schools: A Progress Report on the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program (with the Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign, October 2009); Bringing Children Together: Magnet Schools and Public Housing Redevelopment (with the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, January 2009); and Connecting Families to Opportunity: a Resource Guide for Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrators (July 2009).

To do all of this research, organizing and advocacy work, we are grateful for the continuing support of our foundation partners. But we also need your direct financial support—we rely on our annual fundraising drive to close our budget gap and keep our small and productive staff employed!

Thank you for considering a generous donation to PRRAC this year—you can mail your tax-deductible contribution to PRRAC at 1015 15th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005, or just use “Paypal” to pay online at our website,


Philip Tegeler
Executive Director

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