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"The Integration Debate"

July/August 2009 issue of Poverty & Race

The Integration Debate: Competing Futures for American Cities is the collection of papers presented at last fall’s conference of the same title, at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, co-sponsored by PRRAC and the National Fair Housing Alliance. Routledge is publishing it, with a July 29 publication date. Co-editors are PRRAC Research Director Chester Hartman and Gregory Squires of the George Washington Univ. Sociology Dept. and a member of PRRAC’s Social Science Advisory Board. Foreword by Henry Cisneros.

Among the contributors to the 17 chapters are current and former PRRAC Board and SSAB members Elizabeth Julian, Demetria McCain, Florence Roisman and Dolores Acevedo-Garcia. Univ. of Penn. sociologist (and PRRAC SSAB member) Camille Charles calls it “a must-read for anyone interested in understanding and addressing legacies of our racist past (and present).” And Leadership Conf. on Civil Rights Pres. Wade Henderson says: “Where you live has everything to do with health, wealth, education and well-being. The writers offer sound prescriptions that can help us become a truly integrated society.”

Full TOC at Ordering inf. (and course examination copies) from 800/634-7064. Portions of the royalties are being donated to NFHA and the John Marshall Law School’s Fair Housing Legal Support Center.

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