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"Building One America: a National Summit on Regional Opportunity"

July/August 2009 issue of Poverty & Race

Presented by the Metropolitan Area Research Corporation

Date: September 17, 12 noon, through September 18, 3 PM
Location: Lincoln Park United Methodist Church, Washington, DC

Purpose: A convening on regional policies and programs with proven success in combating concentrated poverty, residential and school segregation and sprawl, and how to take them to scale as national policy.

Goals: Stopping the cycle of intergenerational poverty in multiple metropolitan areas; building inclusive and sustainable communities; driving regional economic competitiveness; reducing carbon emissions in metropolitan America.

Participants: Leaders from the fair housing/civil rights legal community; leading academic researchers on metropolitan poverty, school segregation and opportunity housing; labor leaders; interfaith religious leaders; local municipal officials; state legislators; Congressional staff and advisors and staff from HUD, USDOT, EPA; federal legislators; and hundreds of grassroots leaders.

Presenters: john a. powell, Director, Kirwan Institute; Myron Orfield, Director, Institute on Race and Poverty, Univ. of Minnesota Law School and former Minn. State Senator; David Rusk, author of Cities Without Suburbs and Inside Game-Outside Game and former Mayor of Albuquerque.

Panelists and co-presenters: local mayors, religious leaders, Members of Congress, state officials, civil rights lawyers and organizers, and panel of graduates of fair housing, mobility counseling and integrative school transfer programs—personal testimony on breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Co-Sponsors and supporting organizations: Metropolitan Area Research Corp., Gamaliel Foundation, Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Kirwan Inst. for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Inst. on Race and Poverty, Innovative Housing Inst., New Jersey Regional Coalition, Baltimore Regional Initiative Developing Genuine Equality (BRIDGE), BPI, First Suburbs of SE Pennsylvania, Ohio Organizing Collaborative, Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative, AMOS of Cincinnati.

For information on co-sponsorship and registration, contact Mike Kruglik, Mikekruglik@, 312/560-2178,

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