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"Symposium: Tensions Among Minority Groups?"

Comments on the results of a national media poll which points towards major tensions among minority groups.May/June 2008 issue of Poverty & Race

Last December, New America Media (NAM) released the results of a major national poll, “Deep Divisions, Shared Destiny: A Poll of African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans on Race Relations Sponsored by New America Media and Nine Founding Ethnic Partners.” A total of 1,105 African‑American, Asian‑American and Hispanic adults were polled (as noted below, Native Americans were not included), using sophisticated methodology, “designed to be representative of the adult population of the three major racial and ethnic minorities in the United States.” A typical newspaper headline reporting the story was “Survey Points to Tensions Among Chief Minorities” (New York Times, 12/13/07).
Yet the results—covering attitudes about a wide range of issues­­—are far more complex, and less one‑sidedly conflictful, than these headlines suggested. We therefore asked several of PRRAC’s close associates to comment on the results. Full poll results are available at

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