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"PRRAC Update"

September/October 2007 issue of Poverty & Race

• With this issue, we say goodbye and thank-you to Nkiru Azikiwe, our 2006-07 Health Policy Fellow. Nkiru has entered a full-time medical education program at SUNY- Buffalo, on her way to medical school. Nkiru was instrumental in developing our health disparities docket, including an exciting May 2007 forum on Housing Mobility and Health; a working group on health disparities that is currently drafting a “shadow report” on U.S. health disparities and environmental health for the U.N. CERD Committee (see March/April 2007 P&R); and a successful conference on health disparities that we cosponsored in Newark. Nkiru was also a co-editor of our recent report, Rebuilding a Healthy New Orleans: Final Conference Report of the New Orleans Health Disparities Initiative. Please watch our website for an announcement of the 2007-08 Health Policy Fellowship.

• PRRAC Board member Maria Blanco has joined the UC Berkeley Law School as the first Executive Director of the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Diversity. Until recently, Maria was Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area.

• PRRAC Board member S.M. (Mike) Miller was honored at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Assn. in NYC by a panel discussion of his writings and influence as an activist academic and networker. Speakers included Frances Fox Piven and Herbert Gans, past ASA presidents. Mike spoke on “Ideas for Action – Ideas from Action.” And in June, he was the inaugural lecturer at the Jean Baker Miller Lecture Series at the Jean Baker Miller Training Inst., Wellesley College, where he spoke of his late wife’s “double consciousness” as a feminist psychiatrist and activist.

• Former PRRAC Board member Bill Tamayo (now Regional Atty. for the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commn.) is Keynote Speaker at the 1st Annual Dinner (Oct. 6) of the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, founded by community activists and former tenants of San Francisco’s International Hotel following the infamous 1977 eviction. (An excellent new book on the struggle and its eventually positive outcome, by Estella Habal, has just been published by Temple Univ. Press— see the Resources Sec. in this issue.)

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