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A Convening on Housing Mobility and Health: Connecting Families and Children to Improved Health Outcomes

May 22, 2007 – Baltimore, MD


The planned conference on “Housing Mobility and Health: Connecting Families and Children to Improved Health Outcomes” is being held in concert with an innovative regional housing mobility program in Baltimore that is dedicated to helping low income families voluntarily make the transition to higher opportunity communities. The program is funded by HUD and is part of a federal court decree in a 1995 housing desegregation case. To date, more than 900 families have moved through this program, and the number of families is scheduled to increase over the next 1-2 years.

The Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign is now working with the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the administrators of the mobility program to help improve outcomes and encourage long term housing stability for families and children who are moving to new communities. Our goal is to design ways of making housing mobility work more effectively to connect families with new opportunities in employment, education, health, and youth development.

The purpose of the planned health convening is to bring together public health and housing advocates and practitioners in a focused conversation to develop new approaches to improving family health and health care access for families participating in the mobility program. We believe that the programs we are developing here can become national models for other housing mobility programs – and examples of a new approach for public health practitioners. The meeting, currently scheduled for May 22, 2007, will be cosponsored by the Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The agenda of the meeting is still in development, but some of the planned sessions may include:

▪ An overview of current research on the relation between neighborhood poverty and health outcome – and the policy implications for housing mobility and public health

▪ Design and implementation of family health and nutrition assessments and a family health improvement plan for participants in the regional mobility program

▪ Assessing extent of health care coverage for families participating in the regional mobility program, and planning for universal coverage of participating families

▪ Mapping suburban health care providers and rates of participation in the medical assistance program; exploration of approaches to recruiting suburban health care providers to provide services to participating families

▪ Targeting specific “sentinel” conditions in the eligible population (asthma, lead, diabetes, hypertension, depression): can we effectively identify and prioritize families and children most in need of a move to a healthier environment?

▪ Measurement of family progress and program assessment; potential research designs

For more information, please contact Nkiru Azikiwe,

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