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"Symposium: Structural Racism"

November/December 2006 issue of Poverty & Race

As our nation continues to experience and suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow, it is increasingly important that we look more deeply into what causes the enormous racial disparities that exist in income, wealth, education, housing, employment, health, crime—throughout our society. Understanding and then wielding the concept of structural racism is an essential starting point if we are to succeed in changing those realities, and we are pleased to offer this set of essays by some of its leading theorists and practitioners. We thank Hiram José Irizarry Osorio of the Kirwan Institute for his assistance in assembling and shepherding this forum.

The upcoming Supreme Court hearing on challenges to two local school systems’ attempts to consciously take race into account in order to counter the achievement gap very much relates to this issue, and we are also pleased to print, as a complement to the structural racism forum, excerpts from two of the
amicus briefs that have been filed with the Court.

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