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"Activism Report"

www.ips-dc.orgSeptember/October 2000 issue of Poverty & Race

“This isn’t an Economic Boom, it’s a reconfiguration of wealth.” These words were spoken by actor/activist Danny Glover at a Columbus, Ohio homeless shelter during the most recent “Economic Human Rights Bus Tour.” The Institute for Policy Studies’ Progressive Challenge project (of which PRACC is a coalition member) on July 29, 2000, completed another leg of this tour with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, SEIU, and such NGOs as United for a Fair Economy, National Priorities Project, UHCAN and various Ohio-based groups. This tour visited sites in Columbus and Northern Appalachia.

The tour’s message was that the persistence of poverty, hunger and the fact that millions are without health insurance or good schools represents a massive violation of people’s basic human rights, a message articulated in the “Fairness Agenda for America” signed by 200 organizations across the country. The tour highlights our national scandal that millions of Americans work full time yet live in poverty. Congressional Progressive Caucus members Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) carried the message that a reordering of national budgetary priorities can steer resources toward ending hunger and poverty and toward decent health care and education for all.

IPS’ Progressive Challenge project organizes these tours in an attempt to bring policymakers to the grassroots and to begin to foster an educational, working relationship between these two worlds.


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