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The Housing Mobility Initiative

PRRAC’s Housing Mobility Initiative is a multi-year effort to bring together mobility counseling agencies, public housing agencies, and housing integration advocates to develop research and advocacy strategies to influence the debate over the direction of voucher policy. Along with our partners in the civil rights community, we have consistently urged HUD to expand housing mobility in federal programs, and to remove impediments to mobility in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (“Section 8”). Our work is motivated by the insight that the housing voucher program, if administered well, is the most direct and promising means of delivering desegregated housing opportunities to low income families of color.
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Proceedings from the 6th National Conference on Housing Mobility – "More Choices for More Families"

July 15-16 2015, Chicago, IL. Sponsored by PRRAC, the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, and the Metropolitan Planning Council.

Recent Policy Research

Recent Policy Advocacy

Conferences 2010-2014

AFTER THOMPSON: Implications for the Wellbeing of Children
February 6-7, 2014

Proceedings from the 5th National Conference on Assisted Housing Mobility

June 11 and 12, 2012, Washington, DCCo-sponsored by PRRAC and the Urban InstituteMonday, June 11: Practitioner roundtable. How to build, strengthen, and support an effective regional housing mobility program - a structured learning exchange among new, emerging, and experienced housing mobility practitioners (contact Phil Tegeler for more information –

Tuesday, June 12: Policy conference. Briefings from researchers and advocates, and dialogue with HUD staff on the latest developments in housing mobility policy – including prospects for expansion in the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, the Sustainable Communities program, and Section 8 policy reforms on the horizon.

The conference was held at the Urban Institute, 2100 M Street NW

Proceedings from the 4th National Conference on Assisted Housing Mobility


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